French Embassy In India To Conduct Virtual PhD Tour

It will provide opportunities for Indian students to pursue a PhD in France

The virtual PhD Tour 2023, organised by the French Embassy in India, is set to showcase opportunities for Indian students to pursue a PhD in France. The online tour will take place from Monday 22nd May to Thursday 25th May and feature four webinars, each focussing on a different field of study.

The PhD Tour is aimed at master's degree students who are considering pursuing a PhD after graduation. The tour will provide an overview of the opportunities available in France and explain how students can find information on PhD programmes, funding and scholarships.

The four thematic webinars will equip students with the information to answer the question of why they should pursue their PhD in France. With almost 70000 PhD candidates in France among which more than 29000 are international PhD candidates, France offers students the opportunity to pursue a doctoral education in a range of fields.

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