From French Baccalauréat To Top Business Schools

My journey as a student at the Lycée Français International de Delhi from kindergarten to high school and graduated in the year 2019 with High Honors, to Business School.

The LFID was a great environment to grow up in! Compared to other international schools, we benefitted from the luxury of having smaller classrooms, allowing us to each receive a nearly personalised education as teachers knew our strengths, weaknesses and needs, which permitted them to guide us in the best way possible. This kind of dynamic and individual attention undoubtedly helped me fulfil my potential to the maximum. Alongside this individual attention, we were encouraged to take part in extra-curricular activities that pushed us to explore all forms of intelligence and discover our capacities outside of the academic sphere. I for instance took ballet from a young age and still reap the benefits from it, having acquired discipline, persistence and determination thanks to dance.

However, the true beauty of the French curriculum is that it opens many doors; whether it be in terms of career paths or international universities. The French system is tailored to one’s interests and strengths, as students are able to pick their core subjects for their final two years of High School, which I believe is crucial while making choices for future career goals.

After obtaining my Baccalauréat diploma, I started a new chapter at ESCP Business School, where I am currently a third-year student. The Bachelor of Science in Management (BSc) is a great programme for those who aspire to have an international career in business. It is a very unique curriculum that combines core Management disciplines with liberal arts, humanities and languages. It also gives students the opportunity to experience life in major European cities while receiving a prestigious education.

I moved to London in 2019 and then to Paris in 2020. My overall experience in both cities has been very positive. It goes without saying that this kind of lifestyle requires strong adaptation skills and a lot of confidence as well as self-awareness, but the rewards are immense. Getting to fully immerse myself in distinct cultures and understanding them at such a young age is truly valuable. The campi are in the heart of the cities so you’re immediately exposed to life as a local. Moreover, I get to meet people from all over the world during my studies, enriching my intercultural skills while also helping me build a strong network. Before the COVID-19 pandemic, we were able to organise and take part in events such as inter-university football championships or the infamous annual gala. We were also proposed different societies we could join; from consulting to yoga and all the way to wine. Though my time in these incredible cities has been nothing short of fun, it also takes a lot of hard work as my courses are demanding and require rigour, which has taught me important lessons about having a healthy work-life balance.

After spending my first year in London and recently completing my second in Paris, I now look ahead to my final year in Berlin.

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