Furtados School Of Music Partners With Berklee College Of Music; Announces Scholarship Worth $5000

The last date of registration to avail free scholarship will be 28th February 2021.

With an aim to enhance student’s cohesive artistic identity, India’s music education school; Furtados School of Music (FSM) partners with Abu Dhabi’s Berklee College of Music for Pearl Certification Programme. The core focus of the course is to enable students to up-skill music knowledge, create music based business plans and strengthen marketing strategy skills to effectively sell their production as well as monetize music created by them. The programs within the course include image designing, songwriting, music production, music monetization, learning marketing and distribution strategies. The program starts from 11th April 2021 to 1st July 2021 and is directed towards the students of age 15 years and above.Goal of this program is to empower budding music professionals to produce& sell their own music projects. With this association FSM intents to provide wings to many aspiring musicians while repositioning music education in India.

Students can avail the opportunity to secure a $5000 scholarship by registering on the FSM website. The Last date of registration to avail free scholarship will be 28th February 2021.

Future of the Students after the completion of Pearl Certification Programme

- Conceptualize a cohesive artistic identity and vision

- Implement effective pre-production and production

- Cultivate nuanced listening skills and employ them in the production process

- Draft strategic music business plans

- Produce and/or co-produce their own project

Effectively leverage a multitude of tools to further their career, including image design, songwriting, arranging, music production, music monetization, marketing and distribution strategies

Furtados School of Music is known for quality music education in India with a vision to make music accessible to every music aspirant in the country. While Pearl Certification Program will help students to develop, produce and prepare their own music projects. The larger idea here is enabling students in learning the fundamentals of: Musical Identity and Signature Sound.

Commenting on the partnership, Tanuja Gomes, Co-Founder & CEO, Furtados School of Music (FSM) said, “Music is a treasured aspect of our culture with it’s large impacts on human life, many studies have stated the importance of music on the human mind, body and soul. With that backdrop at the ethos, Furtados School of Music has always taken initiatives to formalise Music education and now progressing towards teaching business propositions to aspirants who wish to pursue a career in Music. We are proud to have partnered with Berklee College of Music with the idea to develop opportunities to learn music as well as develop a methodology to sell their music effectively. This programme is designed with study tools that will teach business of music.”

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