Great Lakes Institute Of Management, AGB Incubator Program

Great Lakes Institute of Management’s AGB Incubator introduces a program for young entrepreneurs to excel in their career and a side hustle for Students & Professionals

AIC – Great Lakes Balachandran Incubator (AGBI) established by Great Lakes Institute of Management, Chennai today announced the launch of a one-of-its-kind ‘B-Plan for You’ programme for young and aspiring entrepreneurs, including their alumni and current students. Through the Atal Great Lakes Balachandran Incubator (AGBI) and the unique ‘B-Plan for You’ program, the management institute aspires to create ‘global-born’, ‘de-risked, investable ventures’ that address the severe bottlenecks identified in the entrepreneurial ecosystem in India, namely opportunity start-up, internationalisation, high-growth, product innovation and start-up skills. The program is also aimed at mid-senior level managers (intrapreneurs), looking at creating a strong impact in their organisations. 

AGBI’s ‘B-Plan for You’ is supported by the Atal Innovation Mission, NITI Aayog and Great Lakes Institute of Management, Chennai. The programme will prepare and assist participants in developing a unique enterprise based on Design Thinking, Lean Start-up and Agile methodologies. The program’s goal is to empower aspiring entrepreneurs to leverage emerging technologies like Augmented / Artificial Intelligence, the Internet of Things, Machine Learning, Algorithmic Analytics, and BlockChain to drive platform-revolution and inclusive businesses. The objective of the ‘B-Plan for You' program is to give participants the core knowledge and hands-on experience they need to become intrapreneurs.

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