Growing Trends For Careers In Digital Marketing

As online media is growing, career opportunities in digital marketing are emerging.


The term “Digital Marketing” was coined in the year 1990. At this time the users used the Web 1.0 platform to search for necessary information but the platform didn’t allow them to share information over the web. However, with subsequent years and with the development of the web, e-commerce, search engines and much more, today, the digital marketing industry is booming! 

Starting my career as early as 2009 as an SEO Executive in a 5seater company to now an SEO startup founder. In these 11 years, I have experienced the emerging growth in this field. Having the first-mover advantage, I can share in-depth insights from the digital world. 


Long gone are those days when a business could survive without an online presence. No matter which product or service business deals in, digital marketing trends can not be overlooked. To be competitive in this dynamic world, businesses are adapting various digital marketing trends like Artificial Intelligence, Data-driven Marketing and Voice Search Engine Optimization (VSEO). A great example of AI are chatbots, which uses instant messaging to chat in real-time, day or night, with customers or site visitors. Isn’t that interesting? 

Another growing market trend is video marketing; gathering high engagement by posting videos or live broadcasts on Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram or YouTube. Thus, video optimization is becoming more important. Further growing trends are influencer marketing, visual search, social commerce, augmented reality, immersive technologies etc. However, content marketing continues to dominate SEO. 


The ample growth in the digital marketing world and its dire need for implementation in businesses, has called for digital marketing professionals and agencies. With a vision to stay industry-relevant, businesses are outsourcing digital marketing services to follow-up with the digital marketing trends. This is because effective marketing requires brands to reach their audience while adopting advanced omnichannel strategies. Thus, digital marketing professionals can define and spread your brand appeal across the industry. Also, digital marketing has reduced the customer journey process, with the help of Programmatic Advertising. Such advertising is based on real-time bidding across various social platforms. This requires highly skilled personnel, as it involves customer segmentation. Therefore, outsourcing these tasks to digital marketing agencies can be a valuable move. 

However, due to the pandemic, businesses are relying on digital marketing more than ever. In these unprecedented times and the absence of face-to-face business, digital marketing is emerging as a survival kit for the companies. Now, companies require a blend of social marketing, content marketing, SEO and influencer-led campaigns to stand-up strong. In recent times, there has been a visible hike in companies who wish to create or update websites, launch new e-commerce channels and create social media campaigns, further using influencers and SEO to reach new audiences. These advantages and opportunities offered by digital channels can become a part of long-term marketing contingency plans of companies. 

Thus, digital marketing strategies can not only be an emergency fill-in but can work as a long-term valuable plan, even when companies go back to normal. The demand for digital marketers has exceeded its supply, thus, proving that the trends of careers in Digital Marketing are growing at a rapid pace. 


A strong brand image can be built online through creative marketing strategies explored by digital marketers. In the digital landscape, digital marketing professionals engage in different activities to create an online presence for the brand. This includes content, through blog posts, articles, research papers, newsletters, SEO etc or through engaging photos, videos, infographics, etc. The professionals identify the target market and build a credible strategy based on their product or service. This could be instrumental for any business in terms of establishing dominance among their competitors and flourish in the industry. 

The Digital marketing field offers various specialisations like Digital marketing strategist, SEO analyst, Email marketing specialist, Social media specialist, Web content manager, Google AdWord specialist, E-commerce specialist & many more. This field offers a wide variety of career options. 

However, it is very important to explore various business opportunities. I, myself have worked with various digital marketing agencies in the early years of my career, then further got hired as the founding team member in the SEO Team at I worked there for almost three and a half years. Later I moved to and then Heads Up For Tails. In between, I offered SEO consultation to Indian and UAE clients. 

Through this, I got an in-depth understanding of how search works, and the areas to work in SEO. Thus, it’s immensely important to change & explore various roles. 


If you are a fresher, don’t fret, it’s not difficult to start from scratch. In the initial days of the job, I created my blog and am still running that blog for more than 7 years now. At that time I was extremely bad at articulating a few sentences, let alone writing a 1000 words article. But my objective was to understand CMS (Content Management System) and gradually I started articulating better. So, you just need the will and focus. Gradually, you will acquire the skill with practice. 

As online media is growing, career opportunities in digital marketing are emerging. The increasing popularity of the Internet has created a great opportunity for companies to expand their business presence in the domain of cyber-space. The job market is booming and more emphasis on this skill is being given, more than ever before. A digital marketing aspirant should be passionate, innovative, should possess soft skills, listening skills, leadership skills and should be goal-oriented. A wide variety of choices are available to digital marketing aspirants ranging from e-commerce marketing to content marketing, SEO, mobile marketing, social media marketing, online reputation management etc. 


Thus, digital marketing as a field is rapidly emerging. As per the stats, the growth of India’s digital advertising industry is now at 33.5%. By 2021, the number of internet users in India is estimated to reach 601 million. Thereby, the number of users in India is growing at a very fast pace at 38%. Thus, this domain will be the foundation for growing career opportunities. As per the stats, India digital industry will produce more than 20 lakhs jobs and is likely to grow at an average of 14% annually. Digital services are accessed by almost 220 million users through their smartphones. 

If you want to start your career in Digital Marketing, I would suggest you do an internship at a start-up, in the niche of your interest. Choose lifestyle, sports, technology, mobile, apps or any niche of your choice. Go all out to find a startup of your choice, work only for coffee and goodies or even at a low stipend, instead of joining institutes and paying hefty fees for digital marketing courses. This will help you in learning various aspects of digital marketing yourself. 

Moreover, while learning, it is immensely important to analyse the “Task ROI (Return on Investment) “. During the initial days of an SEO job, you may be assigned submission tasks. Always try to find out ‘why am I doing this task?’, ‘How will this task help in SEO?’ etc. This focuses on what you have learnt, gathered from the task, thus adding to your skill or expertise. 

It is only through Digital Marketing that you can reach your goals by widening your reach to the customers! 

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