Gurucool Launches Next-Gen Coaching Center Model

Physical learning isn't enough. Digital won't do. Phygital is the future

Gurucool, a Delhi-based all-inclusive edtech platform is set to initiate conference-based learning, a concept that strives to imbibe the values of a phygital model of education. In an effort to make education accessible for all, the organisation is revolutionising the education sector with upcoming technologies catering to the evolving demands of new learners. Gurucool aims to launch 50 centres in 15 cities across India in the upcoming year with each centre having an accomodating capacity of 600 students.

Gurucool is creating a model for educational centres with personalised learning, localised community and standardised experience. The personalised learning concept is enabled by bringing in the concept of a conference based teaching ecosystem that has a 12:1 student-teacher ratio. It has a club system, library, workshops and sessions, smart classes, live and self-paced online learning, counselling etc. 

The vision of this project is to provide an academic space for learning and to make quality education accessible for the underprivileged. The inception of which began with ‘The Parking Kids Project’ and is currently being pursued and advocated through the ‘Padhaai’ Initiative of Gurucool.

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