How Can Parents Help Kids Feel Festive This Diwali Despite The Pandemic

Here are some activities that may be recommended to celebrate Diwali with the young ones.

Celebrate a Lively Diwali - With the pandemic still forcing us to abide by the social distancing rules, the country’s biggest festival, Diwali, will be celebrated a little differently. The festive spirit can feel a little dull due to the lack of social gatherings, parties and fireworks.  

For children, Diwali is always an exciting time when they get a chance to dress up and meet their friends to take part in interesting activities such as diya painting, rangoli making and of course, bursting a few crackers. This year, we urge you to not let your festive spirits go down, instead celebrate Diwali with a twist.  

The following activities may be recommended to celebrate Diwali with the young ones:  

Replace crackers with music  
Bring out your inner musician and pop star this Diwali! Organise a fun antakshari session with your family and take it a notch higher by bringing out some fun instruments like ukulele, keyboard and guitar. The Diwali break can be a great time for your kids to pick up instrument learning and entertain the family.  

Decorate your surroundings  
Bring out your old craft bag and make some DIY Diwali decor for your house. You can opt for some interesting courses like mandala art, finger painting, calligraphy and much more to take your DIY decor to the next level. This is a great activity for kids and can be conducted virtually to get them together and reignite the festive feeling.  

Stories and fables for the season  
We all remember times when our grandmother used to read out stories to us as children. Being back the old tradition and use the art of storytelling to teach kids a way of expressing themselves better and feel festive. This also builds a child’s creative thinking process!  

Celebrate with Dance and drama
Dance and skits used to be a big part of Diwali celebrations. The rendition of the iconic Ramayan is a great way to teach kids about the festival and create a fun atmosphere.  

Virtual Talent show
Virtually, anything is possible! Host a talent show on a video call with your friends and family for the kids. This activity will also help them in showcasing their talent and building their confidence.  

While the pandemic still leaves the immediate future uncertain, it’s important to stay cautious and safe during these times. To take a break from the stress of the pandemic, it’s also important to tap into the festive spirit and appreciate the joy and family that’s around us. Don’t forget to eat delicious sweets and decorate the house with candles and Diya’s to celebrate this Diwali. 

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