How Indian Parents Support Students To Deal With Academic Pressure

Parents in the current age are helping students realise their strengths and supporting them with value-added courses such as certificates in IT and other skill-building and aptitude-based programmes

India is known for gifting some of the best CEOs to global corporations. Indian schools produce over a million talented students each year, and their competent attitude helps them excel in various fields. However, it is a bitter truth that harsh competition and limited opportunities make students’ academic journey highly stressful.

From scoring higher grades in exams to finding admission to the preferred course and college, at each stage, students encounter a host of challenges. Their pressure can also be deciphered on the faces of parents who invest both time and money to ensure success for their wards. That’s why educated and optimistic parents who are also familiar with information and communication technology (ICT) in education plays a pivotal role in this regard as they positively support them in taking the right decisions, at the right time and in the right manner.

Parents’ guidance and support not only save students from unnecessary pressure and anxiety but also helps them realise the benefits of education. Being exposed to the practical world, they understand what skills and traits are important and what are not, to carve a distinct niche in a digitally driven world. They induce children to adopt futuristic knowledge and skills rather than missing themselves in the grade race.

As the education system and the overall evaluation methodologies have been evolving, especially accelerated by the pandemic, parents have been encouraging and guiding their children to undertake the right courses to be ready for future challenges. To lessen the burden of too many exam formats, parents have also been seeking right examinations that can help their wards get into the universities or colleges of their choice with the field they want to pursue at the undergraduate level.

Common entrance examinations such as the Pearson Undergraduate Entrance Exam, managed by Pearson VUE, can be one of the easy paths for undergoing an evaluation test since it significantly saves time, effort, and stress for both the parents and candidates. The entrance exam allows an independent third party to determine the correct level of expectations and guide the candidate and parents in making correct decisions while choosing universities and courses.

Standardised exams in India are changing significantly and the overall process of evaluation and assessment of a student has witnessed a paradigm shift, especially in the last few years. Modern Indian parents help their children with useful tips while taking online exams. However, this is also an opportunity for the parent community to help their wards prepare through practice tests rather than spending too much time and money on coaching institutes.

Today’s parents are well-aware of the importance of certification courses in the job market. They encourage them to pursue relevant courses for an early extra edge in the next phase, i.e., their professional life. Exams such as Pearson Undergraduate Entrance Exam give flexibility to candidates seeking admissions in engineering and other general courses to write the test from the convenience and comfort of their homes. The Pearson Undergraduate Entrance Exam is recognised by more than 160 universities in India as fair, reliable and valid exams. This is indeed an advantage for the parent community since they do not have to focus a lot on travelling to a test centre, which also conforms to necessary safety and health protocols.

More than ever, parents these days face more challenges during admissions to universities. Some key challenges are high cut-offs, mandatory entrance exams and limited seats in universities. But, with an exam like the Pearson Undergraduate Entrance Exam, they can get detailed information from affiliated universities well in advance because the testing window is one of the longest in the country with more than 8-9 months of testing.  

Apart from a variety of considerations, educated parents emphasise a balanced study pattern that may improve students’ overall personality and help them attain long-lasting success. Overall, Indian parents in the current age are helping students realise their strengths and supporting them with value-added courses such as certificates in IT and other skill-building and aptitude-based programmes. That’s why they encourage students to choose the Pearson Undergraduate Entrance Examination, which greatly increases potential success and opens doors for more lucrative career opportunities.

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The author Suraj Puravankara is Senior Marketing Manager, Asia Pacific, Pearson VUE

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