How Online Degree Programs Are Going To Survive In Long Run

Colleges have lent their services and expanded their demographic multifold by integrating their subject matter and delivering it through technological means. Let us focus on the ways that are going to hold this trend in the future

One of the things that the pandemic has unfurled is the extent to which people rely on technology. We have witnessed virtually all system interfaces take an online route during these unprecedented times. The domain that has met with enlightenment to function on a broader scale is the education system, with all its branches going online. We have witnessed the ed-tech industry growing exponentially in recent years. A lot of it has to do with the fact that schools and colleges want to contribute by selling their services to a much broader audience in a convincing manner. This structure existed before the pandemic, but is it not repetitive? Pandemic brought the matter of imparting education with the help of technology to light. Schools and colleges have lent their services and expanded their demographic multifold by integrating their subject matter and delivering it through technological means. Let us focus on the ways that are going to hold this trend in the future.

Algorithmic learning

Learners today have come to terms with systems built on algorithms that turn large and complex data sets into a simple language, making the learning process much more engaging and immersive. The effect of online classes on students speaks volumes of the fact that they have positioned themselves comfortably in the system and are eager to explore more. The programs are built on softwares that are easy to understand and engage the learners by creating their interest in learning in a new and innovative way. According to LIRNEasia, 61 per cent of households in India used the Internet in 2021. With new softwares cropping up every second, India will become the hub for learning set up on algorithmic systems.

AI-based curriculum

According to Analytics India Magazine (AIM) and TAPMI, the Indian Artificial Intelligence market is valued at $7.8 billion as of July-August 2021, a 22 per cent increase in the size of the market from 2020. To make the courses more interactive and engaging, online programs have been integrated with Artificial Intelligence based curriculum interjected with Machine Learning and Cloud Computing technology. Learners can now acquire knowledge at their own pace, give mock tests rendered by the online platforms, attend webinars by industry experts and gain more perspective on the subject they're studying. Online degree programs have seen a boom in recent years because of the same approach taken by institutions to cater their courses to a much wider audience. Since the curriculum is designed using AI tools, students find it fascinating to learn creatively emulated concepts and are meant to create a lasting impression on the learners.

Learning in comfort

The pandemic has restricted a vast number of people to their homes which has caused somewhat of a dent in their learning graph. Institutes taking their course online has made students' lives easier as now they can study from the comfort of their homes and not lose out on building years of their lives. With the Internet getting cheaper and softwares getting more accessible, students find the approach more interactive. Taking their courses online, institutes have enabled students who reside in the remotest of locations to access quality education under the hybrid education model. Thus the effect of online classes on students has been positive and has highlighted the necessity of disseminating knowledge in a structured yet innovative manner.

Flexible scheduling

In this fast-paced world, it's challenging to juggle your work life with the co-curricular activities that take up a lot of your time. One thing that makes your online learning easier is flexible timings and the ability to access pre-recorded lessons. It helps students who want to dig into or revisit a particular concept and are hesitant to ask questions in the classroom. You can now learn at your own time and your own pace without hindering your daily activities. For someone working, acquiring an online degree is the way to go as they can upskill while still contributing at the workplace.

Access to global platforms

Learners can now enroll in the institute or university of their choice located in any part of the world from the comfort of their vicinity. This will help them access a world-class curriculum designed by globally accredited bodies and taught by the most sought-after professors. Organisations today want to hire fluent people not only in their work ethic but also culturally. Being exposed to global platforms helps you grow in multiple ways and add to your professional endeavors.

Upskilling whenever possible

With the rapid increase in technological advancements, it has become imperative that people upskill and adapt to the current wave of technology circulating the world. Companies today want their employees to be skilled in multiple areas of expertise and hire candidates that carry varied resumes. Acquiring an online degree helps learners upskill while still contributing to the workplace or pursuing higher education. In addition, the exposure that an Online degree provides is unparalleled when garnering knowledge from the best in the world.

The rise in online educational programs has set the record straight among the learning community, claiming its rightful place in the Indian education sector. Online learning has made it possible for learners to study the best from the best and has enhanced their way of thinking about career prospects. UGC-approved Online degree courses in India have paved the way for students to study authentic material from prestigious institutes with world-class faculty members dedicated to taking the Online experience a notch higher. The future of education relies heavily on how well Online education is transmitted among the learners. Still, the rising trend of institutes offering Online degree programs adds to the weight of the cause. Online degree programs provide a massive amount of flexibility and exposure to its learners, with its varied set of programs and top faculty has made the segment roll in the right direction. With the government creating multiple initiatives to boost the industry in the country and the private sector elaborating their attempts, Online degree programs are here to stay in the long run.

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