How To Motivate Introspective Educators Using Edtech

Due to the considerable transformations, educational institutions must enhance their teachers’ motivation to avoid lost productivity and burnout

Technology has changed almost every industry and it seems that the educational sector is no exception. To help students reach their full potential, educators need to embrace new technologies. In the current scenario, technology dramatically impacts educators, teachers and students. They use this technology to gather information or ideas that they can employ on a daily basis.

During the pandemic, the educational system turned to online courses and e-learning platforms, which differs significantly from regular classroom environments. The educators conduct lessons with students via video, design lesson plans, along with many other activities. They are simply experimenting with the technologies while working harder and longer hours. Moreover, when integrating technology into the classroom, numerous factors must be considered so that not only students but educators also feel inspired and motivated to run online learning smoothly.

Due to the considerable transformations, educational institutions must enhance their teachers’ motivation to avoid lost productivity and burnout. Administrators may assist educators by offering them resources and options that foster freedom to think new methodologies to teach. They must think outside the box to find ways to give educators the time they need for more rigorous data monitoring, so they can determine which student needs help to bridge learning gaps brought on by instruction inadequacies.

Here are a few suggestions to keep the introspective educators motivated:


Any educator’s success depends on regular, goal-oriented training, but it becomes much more crucial when it comes to using technology. It's essential to keep everyone informed about what's available and how they can utilise it to improve their teaching procedures in an industry that is fast-paced and changing all the time, like edtech. Most importantly, it is crucial to prevent educators from viewing technology as a barrier to learning and ensure that the training they are provided with, speaks to the individual requirements and ability levels of the educators.

Communicate the benefits of technology

As we are moving towards a new era, technology has become an integral part of every industry. It helps us stay organised while resolving issues and automating processes. But before using a tool, one must be familiar with it. If educators are aware of the advantages and capabilities of the technologies, EdTech adoption will be significantly faster. Therefore, putting some time and effort into explaining the benefits and capabilities of the EdTech solutions the school implements, is essential.

Appoint EdTech champions

Only a few instructors in every school are adept at utilising modern technology. Such educators don’t require much encouragement to use new technologies. Recognise them as the institution’s EdTech champions and standard-bearers. These leaders end up serving as the rest of the staff’s go-to resources. They are frequently the front-runners eager to assist others and come up with new, inventive methods to employ EdTech in the classroom. They are the driving force behind the improved education.

Appraise and develop

There are so many factors that we have already considered above. However, praising an educator is also one of the most influential factors to motivate them. Hence, it is essential to frequently check in with the educators to learn more about their progress if you want to maximise their motivation to use technology. They are also frequently observed and evaluated, but make sure that their use of technology is included in this evaluation or dedicated separately.

Create an environment of intrinsic motivation

Extrinsic motivation can never match the strength of intrinsic motivation. People will give all on their own if the proper conditions for intrinsic motivation are provided. There are some prerequisites that must be met to foster a culture of intrinsic motivation among the staff. The educators must know the school’s vision and their actions can help achieve the goals. They ought to understand what is expected of them. To accomplish these goals, educators must be given the authority to act. Furthermore, they need to be taught how to utilise EdTech properly and be capable of completing the necessary tasks. The technology they are employing must be made known to them.

Be cautious, cooperative and collaborative when introducing technology to the educators, so they can travel with the students on this adventure. The school will be filled with tech-savvy instructors who provide a positive learning environment if you plan, train, implement, assess, change and repeat. Furthermore, in order to develop trust and comfort with the educators, a little emotional support can go a long way.

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