I Loved The Recess Breaks: Arbaz Khan

BW Education met Arbaz Khan for an exclusive interaction wherein he shares fondest memories of his school life.

School is said to be the temple of knowledge, the place where we all are introduced to the world and most importantly ourselves. We almost spend the first 15 years of our life in school, making memories that are deeply cherished. One can never experience and learn things as much as they do during their school life. This is the time where we tend to do everything for the first time as we have the curiosity to try everything. We often make mistakes and learn from them. In the end, we build our unique personalities from our experiences. One can never learn as much as they do from his/her school life and all of our experiences hold special importance in our hearts as we grow up. On this note, BW Education met Arbaz Khan for an exclusive interaction wherein he shares fondest memories of his school life. Let us go Back to School with Arbaz Khan!

How will you term yourself academically, a bright student or a backbencher?

I was an above average student. I used to perform well. However, I excelled in some and was moderate in others. My teachers adored me. I use to score marks around average, approximately in 70s. 

Enlighten us with your favourite and fondest school memory?

Well, I loved the recess breaks that we used to get during the school hours,  the 15-minute recess breaks. And at that time we use to play whichever sport was favoured by everyone. We use to play football, as it was popular, cricket, marbles and even tops. We use to do everything in that 15-minute recess break. And that is something I really cherish.

What do you miss the most from your school life?

I miss some of my school friends, who are scattered all over the world now. But, recently because of WhatsApp, we are in connection now along with other friends. It’s nice to be in touch with old friends. Perhaps, we can have a reunion in sometime. Reunions are great because it brings back so many treasured memories of school time when you had spent the best times with the best people of your life. 

Which was your favourite subject and teacher?

I was fond of Biology and History in subjects. My favourite teacher was Miss Drusella.

Did you come across any failures in your school life?

Like I said earlier, I was more academically inclined than sports inclined. So I would say that I performed fine during my school life.

What message will you give to the students in terms of success in life?

Just stay focused and give enough time to both studies and sports. Just like the phrase, “All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy”; so you got to be pretty much an all-rounder. Even if you’re in school, it does not necessarily mean that you have to dedicate all your time to only studies. But you should also play sports, be it an individual sport or collective sport. Playing sports teaches you a lot, whether it is losing or winning. One thing about sport is that it teaches you to win and to lose very early in life. So it tends to condition you which is why if you only study, you really don’t know if you’re excelling. You may be first in your class but when you play a sport, you’re going to lose someday and you’re going to win someday. These are some small setbacks that you get accustomed to while playing any sport. Also, people who play sports are healthy, be it mentally or physically. So sports are very essential for children apart from studies. 

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