IIM Lucknow Fosters Skills Development And Entrepreneurship

The institute is on the road to the Mahatma Gandhi National Fellowship programme

Indian Institute of Management (IIM), Lucknow is aiming to achieve the “Mahatma Gandhi National Fellowship programme of the Ministry of Skill Development and Entrepreneurship” within two years, till October 2023. For students, academic support has helped in building the capacity to work with local administration and providing skills in districts.

“The fellows at IIML have completed four academic modules and five district immersion modules, working on various projects in four states. They have also taken initiatives to create new development projects, enable industry engagement, and promote entrepreneurship. These initiatives include compiling an inventory of unique cuisines and crafts, developing livelihood dashboards, establishing rural space laboratories, food cafeterias and promoting local products. IIM Lucknow has rigorously trained fellows in various areas, including management, economics, research methods and public policy. The program also includes sessions on stress management and mental well-being. Special initiatives include faculty mentor support systems, collaboration with CSR organizations, e-marketing of traditional crafts, career counseling and career transition support.” Ajay K Garg, Program Director, MGNF, IIML said.

“The Ministry of Skill Development and Entrepreneurship has launched the Mahatma Gandhi National Fellowship (MGNF), a two-year certificate program in public policy and management, with nine IIMs as academic partners. The program aims to strengthen local skill development efforts through effective and collaborative engagement.” Kshitij Awasthi, Program Director, MGNF, IIML said.

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