IIM Lucknow Signs MoU With Farmers Family - Enterprise Incubation Centre

Famers Family, a Noida-based agritech startup, has signed a long-term memorandum of understanding (MoU) with IIM Lucknow-Enterprise Incubation Centre (IIML-EIC)

According to the MoU signed with IIM Lucknow, Farmers Family will receive guidance from IIML-Incubator expert mentors, investors, experienced and successful senior business and corporate sector executives and industry veterans on a broad range of topics, including the fundamentals of setting up a business, identifying suppliers, the appropriate location for the business, insights on emerging technologies, pricing of the product, marketing, developing effective business processes, among others.

The signing of the MoU marks a significant development in promoting entrepreneur development, startup incubation, and opening up investment avenues to the business.

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