IIT Delhi Organises ‘Going Further, By Giving Back’ Fundraising Campaign

Celebrating 60 years of its establishment, IIT Delhi is reaching out to its alumni around the world through its fundraising campaign.

This 60-year milestone, IIT Delhi Endowment Fund has set to achieve 54,000+ pledges from its alumni from all around the world. This campaign was inspired by similar initiatives successfully carried out by global universities.

Through the fundraiser, IIT Delhi is looking to realise its vision for 2030, which is to deliver higher levels of teaching, research, and strategic goals.

In its Vision 2030 document, released by the Hon’ble Vice President of India while inaugurating the Institute’s Diamond Jubilee celebrations in 2020, IIT Delhi has outlined its strategy focused on five long-term priorities, that are:

  1. Strengthening teaching and research.
  2. Investing in technology leadership in select areas.
  3. Revamping industry engagements.
  4. Setting up a world-class entrepreneurship centre for alumni, students, and faculty.
  5. Building strong alumni engagement teams.

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