IIT Hyderabad Collaborates With Business Design Lab To Offer Action-learning Certificate Program On ‘Business Model Innovation’

This 30-hours certificate program aims to help participants identify opportunities to innovate their business model and conduct business experiments using design thinking methods.

Businesses, whether big or small, must pivot their business models and strategies to stay relevant in the market. With unprecedented challenges emerging every day, strong leadership skills, a humane approach to building superior business models is imperative. IIT Hyderabad, Dept of Entrepreneurship and Management in collaboration with Business Design Lab offers an action-learning Certificate program on Business Model Innovation for Business Leaders, Entrepreneurs, Intrapreneurs Sr Design and Strategy Professionals

The program has 2 Action Learning Courses specially curated to enable business and venture leaders to handle these challenging times, which demand tremendous tinkering and innovation. The Program aims to enable participants to identify opportunities and design real-time experiments for discovering market needs and validate their riskiest assumptions.

It is critical for the start-up and SME community to get immediate access to insights, guidance and management expertise at an affordable price. We have launched our inaugural batch at 50 per cent of the regular fees with an aim to assist these Enterprises to initiate their Business Growth journey with support from experts and professionals. Program enrollment has started and is on a rolling basis. Participants are encouraged to submit their application for consideration. This high engagement, cohort-based Program, has a maximum batch size of 20.

Features of the program include

· Cohort based Program

· Action Learning and high engagement-focused workouts

· Virtual Facilitator led sessions along with support from professional mentors

· Peer learning and collaboration sessions

· Access to Digital Library of Guides, Methods and Tools

Target audience

· Business Unit Heads and P&L Leaders

· Strategy Heads and Professionals

· Growth Stage Entrepreneurs

· Venture Builders and Investors

· Intrapreneurs in Mid-size Organization

· Product Leaders and Architects

· UX Design and Management Professionals

Unlike low engagement virtual delivery, this Program uses research-based insights, methods, tools and guides to promote team collaboration. We created an environment of collective thinking, leveraging a collaborative workspace to encourage the spirit of teamwork even during the much talked about WFH (work from home) period.

Highlighting the uniqueness of this program, Dr M P Ganesh – Program Director & Head – Dept. of Entrepreneurship and Management, said, “We would like to enable businesses especially mid-size growth stage ventures, by providing contextual learning interventions, that prepare them to grow and scale their businesses by reducing their investment risk; thereby contributing to society by creating jobs and better value for all”.

At the end of the 2-course program, participants will be able to:

· Identify growth opportunities in the VUCA world

· Develop strategies to build superior Business Models

· Visualize and bring business ideas to life

· Develop critical thinking and creative problem-solving skills using the Design Thinking Methods

· Design and conduct low fidelity business experiments to test their business ideas

Underlining the relevance of this program in today’s context, Ajay Parasrampuria – Lead Facilitator and Co-Founder Business Design Lab, said, “The COVID-19 Global pandemic, has caused all Businesses to pause, relook and adapt to the “new normal”. Businesses are faced with greater challenges and constraints bringing many organizations to vulnerable stages in their business cycle. Over 54 per cent of startups (as per NASSCOM Survey) are looking to pivot their Business in order to survive. At the same time for the Indian economy to grow, we need 1000 companies to grow and scale-up in the next few years. (McKinsey Report 2020). This program will help participants in reducing business innovation uncertainty and investment risk by designing and implementing smart experiments”.

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