IMA Comes To India, Got Affiliated With BKCCAD

Eiha Gandhi of BW Businessworld talks to Samantha Kochhar, MD - BKCCAD, about the affiliation of the institute and career prospects in the field of make-up.

Paolo Guatelli

Blossom Kochhar College of Creative Arts and Design (BKCCAD) organised a make-up demonstration class by Italian Makeup Artist, Paolo Guatelli, who demonstrated top three international trending makeup looks to the academy students, budding makeup artists and lifestyle bloggers.

He also talked about skincare and the products sold under the brand name Paolo Guatelli Makeup (GUA). The event was conducted on the auspicious occasion when BKCCAD got affiliation from International Makeup Association (IMA), the association body for the coveted London School of Makeup.

“We are delighted to announce our association with International Make-up Association”, said Dr Blossom Kochhar, Chairperson of Blossom Kochhar Group of Companies. 

There was another session where Samantha Kochhar, daughter of Blossom Kochhar talked about the growing career prospects of the make-up industry in the country.

“We started with our first International Association with Pivot Point in 1984 and have never looked back since then. Owing to an array of 10 international affiliations including Pivot Point, OMC, MUD, IHB etc., BKCCAD empowers the passionate students to build successful careers not only in India but across the globe”, said Samantha Kochhar, Managing Director of Blossom Kochhar College of Creative Arts and Design.

IMA recognised-BKCCAD provides international exposure to its students. The IMA standards are set up in various schools all around the globe including the European countries such as London, Spain, Holland which gives BKCCAD an International recognition. 

The owner of London school of make-up Bernard from IMA said, “Although many schools and colleges had approached us, what interested me about BKCCAD is that the management understands the profession and can create make-up artists for the industry. The IMA qualification takes you through different stages of becoming a make-up artist from the basic of understanding different colors to applying makeup to interacting with clients and promoting oneself as a makeup artist”.

Eiha Gandhi talks to Samantha Kochhar about the affiliation of the institute and career prospects in the field of make-up.

What kind of exposure does BKCCAD provide through International Affiliation and the International exposure it has?

These affiliations are important because a student once passes out from BKCCAD should have a certification which is recognized worldwide. So, if a student has a certificate of BKCCAD as well as London school of makeup and is valid in 30 countries such as London, UK, USA, the student goes out of BKCCAD to any of these countries and says that he/she has a certificate from IMA and BKCCAD, it is easier to find a job. In the end, makeup is a beautiful course to learn but it is difficult to get a job in this course, but this certification helps in getting a nice job and that too quickly. When the person gets the exposure and the fundamental knowledge along with on the job practice, it makes them professionals and when they move abroad they can be skilled, well-trained professionals. India is not known for standards, but now it is going up yet still not considered worldwide.

What are the career prospects in the field of makeup in India?

India, as a market, has a lot of work happening and a makeup artist that has come out of college has been trained enough with beauty and makeup essentials, which is a big market in India, like people open their own shops at homes and do bridal makeups and also freelancers who go to the customers home and do their makeup and hair at the comfort of the bride. So if an artist also knows about hairdressing, they can be freelancers, open their salons, work under a makeup companies such as MAC, InGlot, Bobbi Brown who have so many people at their counters, which is a phenomenal job to do and these companies train them phenomenally well. And also they have incentive which helps them pursue their career like they can go in the line of fashion makeup, movie makeup, image makeover and many more. There are so many artists who worked under a salary basis plus incentive basis but now are working under some of the top celebrities. So if someone invests an X amount, he/she is most certain to reap a larger amount.

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