India Inc Cherishes Dynamic And Versatile Personnel Skill Sets

Industry has always shown affinity towards preferential inherited qualities like leadership, impeccable communication, strong work ethics, critical thinking and penchant for entrepreneurship.

The world is changing fast and with that its markets are too. In such a dynamic world, it is not helpful but also quite imperative to understand the needs of the corporate world. For youngsters who are fresh out of college, with no experience to lean on, it can be quite daunting to grasp the skills they need to build on before starting their first job. Holding combined experience, it is the duty of academic institutions and individual teachers to train the students to not only be brilliant in their respective fields but also be efficient and omniscient of the updating industry-environment. After all, which company would not like a smart, educated worker who knows at least the basics of everything they undertake? 

Industry has always shown affinity towards preferential inherited qualities like leadership, impeccable communication, strong work ethics, critical thinking and penchant for entrepreneurship. These potential skill sets have always gained cutting edge under any market circumstances. The reinvented business model in wake of the pandemic crisis has opened floodgates for businesses to fuel more invention, integrity and intellectuality that help to turn the tide. To combat challenging and ever evolving business sentiments, one needs to enrich and upgrade its human capital assets and make it more agile to the waves of innovation:

1.  Up-skilling or Lifelong Learning

The business ecosystem has reflected greater resilience, and quick adaptation to the new normal mode of working. India Inc stands true testimony to the objective of Reform, Perform and Transform by turning the headwinds and taming the crisis. Industries who were quick to be agile and flexible have overcome the tide as pandemic life was all about the survival of the fittest. As every crisis unleashes new opportunities, lifelong learning and upskilling stands out as the key ingredients to success. The Industry is ever ready to embrace a talent pool who can wither any storm with their strong intellectual and interpersonal skill management. A constant learner, go –getter attitude and hunger to keep learning with an open mind and curiosity is the mantra for dealing with ever evolving life. 

2.  Leadership and Social Influence

The World Economic Forum (Future of Jobs Report 2018) predicted that one of the top ten skills that were growing fast in their “2022 Skills Outlook” was the ability to not just lead but also influence others.  The new age leaders are the one who exhibits strong attributes to lead, guide, and nurture others. The Leader is one who can build a new leader. Industry leaders are iconic in all spheres of life and hold great social influence about their roadmap to mega achievements against all odds of life and rise up to set an example. Empathy, Experience and Emotional quotient are the new DNA to look forward to in the Next Gen Leaders. 

3.  Emotional Intelligence

In the Age of Machines and Artificial intelligence, one truly seeks emotional intelligence among the human asset. We can see the division of labour between Humans - Machines scaling down to 58:42 and further diminishing. In this Robotic life, the true virtue lies in having a balanced emotional intelligence quotient in human resources to combat emotional crisis and vulnerability prevailing around. Sound and calm mind with empathic nature will go a long way in building the rich human value chain in the organization. 

4. Complex Problem Solving Skills

Critical thinking is yet another crucial attribute that tops the preferential characteristics in human resources. The problem solving and solution oriented mindset is boon to the organization under the prevailing circumstances as well as in the ever evolving economic world. To develop this skill set one needs to be exposed to the multi-disciplinary learning and cross functional training which is vital for enriching the caliber of the talent at hand. Optimistic and holistic overview is the key driver for organizational growth.

Along with these key skills, there are skills such as creativity, originality, analytical thinking and innovation which the industry often looks for in a fresh face. All in all, the industry wants someone who is not only the best of the lot, but a versatile player and a performer.  

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