Indian Parents Need To Spend More Time To Help Their Children Study: Survey

A survey conducted by Brainly also recognized that Indian mothers had the greatest impact on their children’s learning.

With the new academic session underway, students all over India are abuzz with discussions about their new classes and course materials. To understand the general outlook towards parental support in terms of academics, Brainly recently conducted a survey amongst its Indian user base which witnessed active participation of more than 2500 students from around the country, drew key insights from students based in Bangalore.

The survey revealed that while parents actively invest their time and efforts in teaching their children, the children felt the need for concepts to be better-explained by them. For instance, although around 53% of the parents spend more than two hours every day with their children to help them study, the need for more time to be invested was felt. Moreover, 55% of these children acknowledged how their parents have enough knowledge and expertise regarding their subjects and courses, but they would like their parents to learn about these subjects further in order to help them better. 

Sharing his views on the survey, Michal Borkowski, CEO, Brainly remarked, “Bangalore is unique in its way wherein parents are giving higher priority to subjects such as Science and Mathematics while also being knowledgeable about what they are teaching to their children. Being the home turf to many IT and tech companies, the two subjects become natural choices for parents to help their children grow in”.

On a positive note, more than half of the children (57%) appreciated how their parents encourage them to ask whatever doubts they have without any inhibitions and try to work on those together. Among the subjects, Mathematics emerged as the top one, with 45% of these children seeking their parents’ help for the same.

This was followed by Science subjects at second with 30%, while Language subjects such as Kanada ranked with 10%. Mothers were recognized as the ones helping children the most. Furthermore, around 40% of these parents were observed to rely on textbooks and notes, whereas around 35% of them seek help from online learning sites like Brainly for teaching their children.

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