Ireland: A New Destination Of Choice For Indian Postgraduate Students

Enterprise Ireland is the Irish government agency responsible for the overseas promotion of Irish companies and education institutions.

An attractive mix for Indian students

The number of students coming from India to study in Ireland has risen dramatically over the last number of years.  It is expected that over 3,500 Indian students taking up places in Ireland’s Higher Education Institutions (HEIs) during 2018/2019.  The range & variety of courses, English as the language of instruction, the safe and friendly environment and the potential to remain in Ireland for a further two years after graduation all present an attractive mix for Indian students.  Irish higher institutions recognize the high caliber of candidates in India and a local presence is being developed to provide information and manage relationships on the ground. The growing number of Indian alumni who have graduated from Irish higher education institutions also means that word about Ireland and its HEI system is spreading all the time - this will only have a positive effect when Indian students and their families give consideration to education opportunities abroad.

India is currently the fastest growing large economy in the world and Ireland is regularly recognized as one of the most globalized nations.  This is a great time to discover new prospects and to expand existing business and education links between the two countries. Ireland currently has the fastest growing economy in the European Union. The majority of Indian students who come to Ireland to study do so at postgraduate level. 

A strong interface between academia and industry

Ireland has developed a very strong interface between academia and industry over the last two decades.  Government policy puts a heavy emphasis on the importance of innovation in Ireland’s economy.  Enterprise Ireland has a strong mandate to support and fund innovative ideas in its HEIs that have the potential to succeed in the marketplace. Successful developments are made available to companies in Ireland as licensing opportunities or, in certain circumstances, can become the basis of a new start-up company. There are 14 centers now active, bringing multinationals and Irish companies together to create a common research agenda that can be facilitated and implemented by Ireland’s HEI system.  

Centers are organized on thematic areas across ICT, Lifesciences, Engineering, and Manufacturing. This support and infrastructure present great opportunities for students from India to work on cutting-edge ideas that can deliver impact on a global scale. Emerging technologies in areas such as FinTech, AgTech, CleanTech, AI, Robotics and VR/AR offer exciting opportunities for international researchers. 

Location for World Class Research

The number of students coming to Ireland from India is at record levels and there is no indication that this is about to change.  While Brexit is causing complications for the UK’s university sector, Ireland’s institutions are seeing a significantly increased amount of interest and applications from non-EU students.   Ireland’s membership of the EU has played a key role in Ireland becoming a center of excellence in education and a location for world-class research. Being at the heart of the EU means that Irish HEIs will continue to enjoy funding from the EU research budget under the Horizon2020 programme and from other sources such as the European Space Agency.  

Traditionally Ireland has seen Indian students drawn to courses in business, science, and engineering.  Hotel management and the culinary arts are also popular options.  More recently there is increasing interest in courses that focus on emerging technologies such as AI, AgTech, Data Analytics and Cyber Security.  Growing numbers have also been applying for courses in humanities, design, communications, and media. Many courses include work experience and placement opportunities and students are entitled to work part-time during their stay in Ireland.

The Irish HEI system offers over 200 merit-based scholarships.  These are open to all and more details can be provided by the individual institution.

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