Jean Claude Juncker Receives ‘Outstanding Ministerial Service Award, 2023’

Jean-Claude Juncker served as the 21st Prime Minister of Luxembourg and 12th president of the European Commission

Woxsen University has awarded Jean Claude Juncker, the former President of the European Commission with the "Outstanding Ministerial Service Award 2023" for his remarkable contributions in the field of diplomacy and upliftment of mankind through his leadership in the European Commission.  


Jean-Claude Juncker served as the 21st Prime Minister of Luxembourg and 12th president of the European Commission. During his keynote speech, Juncker said, “Woxsen is a reputable university and one of the world's finest, despite its relatively young existence. I am deeply honoured to receive this award from Woxsen University. I encourage students to explore Europe and invite European students to discover India, fostering cross-cultural relations, gaining profound insights into diverse nations and expanding their knowledge."

This Award Ceremony is an initiative of International Relations at Woxsen University that is aimed at honouring leading academicians, industry experts, diplomats, officials from across the globe who have consistently contributed to the advancement of humanity, the promotion of diplomacy and the protection of various human rights.  

 "Woxsen is at the forefront of transforming business education. While business schools worldwide often adhere to traditional teachings, unrelated to the demands of the 21st century, Woxsen is pioneering in educating business students with courses designed to enable them to create a sustainable world," Professor Emeritus James Stoner, Fordham University, New York emphasised.

Speaking during the ceremony, Jayesh Ranjan, Principal Secretary of Telangana, commended Woxsen's remarkable achievements in a relatively short timeframe. He praised the university's diverse schools, its ability to attract exceptional talent and its partnerships with global institutions.

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