KL Global Business School Inaugurates Business Analytics Lab

The purpose is to provide its researchers and students’.infrastructure to explore challenges in a range of business sectors

KL Deemed to be University, India’s private universities, announced the establishment of the Business Analytics Laboratory at the KLH-Global Business School (KLH GBS) in Kondapur today. The Lab was inaugurated by the President of Digital Engineering Services, Cigniti, Kiran Kuchimanchi, Sai Ram Vedam, CMO for Cigniit technologies, Dr Nagendra V Chowdary, Head of academic content TimesPRO, Dr Ramakrishna, Director, KLH GBS, other University officials. The purpose is to provide its researchers and students’ infrastructure to explore challenges in a range of business sectors, including marketing, operations management, and technology management using a variety of advanced computational and statistical methodologies.

KLH GBS Business Analytics Laboratory is equipped with configuration systems and essential software installed which includes SPSS-Statistical Package for the Social Sciences - Data analysis for descriptive and bivariate statistics, numerical result forecasts and predictions for group identification, Power-BI, JMP and R-Programming. The lab will provide hands-on experience with the software and hone the skills of students based on the current market requirements. Additionally, the software provided offers graphing, direct marketing and data processing functions. In its main view, the software interface shows open data in a manner akin to a spreadsheet. 

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