Kavea Chavali To Conduct 'Top Presenter' Masterclass Online

Session has been designed to guide aspiring anchors and video creators in their professional journey.

Cutting across industries for over 10 years, Kavea Chavali has hosted 1400 shows across 15 countries and close to 800 brands. Kavea is all set to conduct her first ever Online Master class for aspiring anchors, video content creators and anyone who wants to embark on a professional journey through the power of voice. The masterclass will be held live online for 5 days starting from 21st Feb to 25th Feb 2021.

Throughout all of Chavali's sessions, one can learn specific techniques that will guarantee effective public speaking and presentation skills for live audience and camera. Attendees will get to understand the focus on word choices, the amount of specificity, emotional connection, and clarity of message as cornerstones of effective communication and public speaking. An overview of the profession and the industry will also be packed into these classes so that aspirants can have a holistic understanding of the vocation and the career opportunities that could open up.

“As a seasoned speaker I look forward to coaching aspiring anchors and stage presenters and helping them deliver their game-changing message with more power and eloquence. The workshop gets them one step ahead to become powerful communicators & speakers," says Kavea Chavali.

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Kavea Chavali Top Presenter Masterclass Online

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