Launch Of 'Dear Earth'

'Dear Earth' is written by Avvaiyar -- a centuries-old poet who travelled from one place to another in South India.

'Dear Earth' introduces a 2,300-year-old magical poem from the pages of Tamil literature to the reader. This is a “Kndness” book. The focus is on Mother Earth – our only home, and the home that we need to love, respect and nurture. 

'Dear Earth' is written by Avvaiyar -- a centuries-old poet who travelled from one place to another in South India and to whom even kings reached out to for advice.  It has been translated from the Tamil into English by Geeta Dharmarajan. The spell-binding artwork by Murali Nagapuzha captivates the readers’ attention, gently channelizing the love for the book to love for Mother Earth. The book is not only a treat for the eyes, but also tugs at your heartstrings. The poem lends itself to deep reading for meaning, making the reader sensitive to our environment, our Earth, our home.  

Additional information on Avvaiyar and Tamil literature, and the TADAA! section makes this delightful book rich with cultural wisdom, and encourages young minds to, Think, Ask, Discuss, Act and Achieve (TADAA!).  

Says Geeta Dharmarajan, Founder, Katha, “Katha believes that books play a very crucial role in everyone’s life. In our endeavour to ensure that the love for reading remains an integral part of the lives of our future decision makers, Katha’s bouquet of books from a range of cultures and languages, lend themselves to close reading for deeper meaning. Our books nurture creativity and imagination, and promote critical thinking – all of which are 21st Century skills that can help us to shape a more equitable, caring and sustainable world. What better way than to start with our home – Mother Earth.” 

Katha’s books, with their high-quality content, design and layout that match the learning needs of children, bring the best of India’s 2500-years of literary heritage –  from the classical to the contemporary – for shared and guided reading, encouraging children to read in various Bhashas. 

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