Magneto Partners With Indian And Global Universities For R&D

Research and Development project on Covid and TB-focused air sanitisation system

Magneto CleanTech, an air sanitisation solutions provider has joined an elite group of top educational institutions as the sole industry partner for an upcoming research project on developing a revolutionary air sanitization system – aimed at preventing the spread of coronavirus and TB bacterium. The collaboration includes IIT Madras, Vellore Institute of Technology, Chennai and the Queen Mary University of London. Royal Academy Engineering (RAENG), UK will be the chief sponsor/fund provider for this project.

The aim of this joint research is to develop a robust low-cost bio-aerosol protection system to contain airborne diseases in indoor environments for the Indian subcontinent, geography known for its high population and heavy urban pollution. In particular, the collaboration is expected to launch India-centric Air Sanitization Technologies for deployment in confined indoor spaces such as offices and hospitals in order to prevent the spread of Coronavirus and Tuberculosis. Employing ‘Ultraviolet-C’ radiation, the project is envisaged to develop an experimental proof-of-concept of a revolutionary air filtration system. This system has a strong potential to increase the effectiveness of eliminating viruses and other airborne pathogens while also reducing maintenance costs as compared to the available filters, an important proposition for developing countries such as India. With the involvement of Magneto CleanTech, testing and implementation of this system will be done with real-time applications in various Indian environments. It is expected that this project, when successfully implemented, will benefit nearly 10 crore people in the Indian subcontinent.

Consistent with the spirit of the Government of India’s ‘Atmanirbhar Bharat’ and ‘Start-up India’ programs, the consortium will develop products that would be commercialized through Magneto while also generating new employment opportunities for the youth.  Moreover, by way of using new-age bio-sensing and simulations through an IoT device, the team will also explore mechanisms for monitoring the performance of such systems in real-time environments underscoring the need to make bio-safety visible to end-users and therefore drive awareness among them.

The consortium will also be supported by Prof. Clive Beggs of Leeds Beckette University as the project consultant. Prof Beggs (an Emeritus professor) will look after microbiology and UVC.

Magneto CleanTech has recently launched a breakthrough air sanitization product called Magneto Central Air Cleaner (MCAC) co-powered with UVGI, capable of inactivating over 99 per cent of coronavirus, a feat certified by US-based ALG Labs.

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