No-Code: A Game-Changing Technology To Enable Digital Education

By leveraging this development, organizations can significantly cut down their IT backlog and quickly build enterprise-level applications for internal or external use.

"Creativity is as important in education as literacy" - Ken Robinson 

Ken Robinson has hit the bull's eye. Now, two pertinent questions arise - Are we doing enough to let creativity flourish at primary and higher education levels? Do our students have the potential to be creative with technology? Our answers can indicate our mindset towards education in general, and how well our education system aligns with digital transformation.  

Being creative with technology is considered to be exclusive expertise, and students who have an aptitude for engineering or coding are usually encouraged in this direction. We can change this presumption with No-Code - a technology that can enable non-technical students to build bespoke applications in the future, irrespective of their area of interest.

With no-code development, they no longer need to curb their creative instincts due to a lack of technical know-how. They can explore enterprising opportunities that weren't present before and derive maximum value from their education and training.  

No-code development in essence

No-code platforms allow non-programmers to build different types of apps using simple drag-and-drop user interfaces without writing any code, just like you use lego blocks to build your favourite projects. They lessen the burden on technical workers, who can focus on building other complex applications. By leveraging no-code development, organizations can significantly cut down their IT backlog and quickly build enterprise-level applications for internal or external use. 

 In the context of education and even otherwise, no-code development has immense potential. According to Gartner, by 2025, 70% of new enterprise applications will be built using low-code or no-code technologies. Therefore, to create an education system that aligns with digital transformation and acceleration, schools and universities can build awareness around no-code development and inculcate relevant skills in students.

No-code technology can enable automation in schools and universities - without a single line of code!

Education and learning should be qualitative and co-creative, and for this to happen, educators need to spend more time empowering students rather than executing mundane, manual tasks. This is where the significance of automation lies. Just think about it - instead of going through tons of paperwork, grade items, and long-winded guidelines, the teaching staff can rely on easy-to-use no-code apps to automate administrative processes and spend more time empowering students.   

Applications built using no-code platforms can automate processes such as student recruitment and assessment, attendance tracking, workflow management, and back-office processes. There is almost zero reliance on a technical workforce and students can even build these applications as a part of their project.   

Just to give a few examples, mobile apps can be built to collect, manage, and review thousands of student applications in a hassle-free manner, or to trigger automatic emails or text alerts for stakeholders. Similarly, a learning management system (LMS) can be built to centralize class information, digitize attendance, and send timely feedback to students.

No-code automation and tools can truly transform education

The new-age education is based on digital, personalized, and experiential learning. No-code tools can make it easier for students to consume a variety of digital content, in preferable formats. More advanced and intuitive no-code tools can enable adaptive learning, by suggesting the best pathways for students. Based on the learner's aptitude, the tool's algorithm can design customized lessons and explain concepts in the most favourable manner.

Educators can forget about administrative hassles and use their energies to shape young minds, by imparting practical knowledge and igniting the creative faculties. Recruiters can attract, acquire and onboard students without any unconscious bias and purely based on automated dashboards displaying markers like logical reasoning, quantitative aptitude, general awareness, EQ, etc.   

No-code is a 360-degree technology that can cover and enhance every aspect of digital education. It can stoke the joy of building innovative solutions among people who love to learn and solve problems, but more importantly, it can realize and enrich the co-creative relationship between students and educators.    

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