Non-conventional Subjects, As A Necessary Part Of The Curriculum In New Age Learning

Performing Arts as such, if introduced into the education curriculum can prove to bring the ideal balance a child should stem with.

For a great deal of years in the past, Education highly concentrated on teaching. With the passage of time, educators, principals, teachers as well as parents recognized and comprehended the importance of wholesome education- that is giving equivalent significance to right-brain stimulation too. A Significant focus is necessary on experiential learning – This means more projects, better real-life training, a vast number of interactions and better skills to bring out the best of every child. In a conventional move, the government replaced a 34-year-old National Policy on Education, framed in 1986, with the National Education Policy (NEP) of 2020, on July 29. 

A human brain is divided into two parts, namely the right brain and left brain according to its behaviour and thinking style. As per a lot of studies, it is known that humans use only a small fraction of their brain functions. That means there is always room for improvement and development. Just as activities like solving math problems, puzzles, writing and reading in a science or grammar classes are typically good to improve the left side of the brain, likewise activities such as drawing, playing an instrument, singing, reading, fictionalizing and creative thinking, and many more artistic activities improve and enhance the right side of the brain. The development of these skills helps promote and create a smarter and more productive adult better suited for the future workplace and in life. Children tend to get more confident, outspoken, physically strong, and very active. Overall, they develop good social and communication skills and evoke a great sense of articulation and self-expression.

Some subjects/skills that are essential for the development of children and should be a part of the curriculum would be:

Music: Music has many known benefits like improving concentration and learning skills. It helps the child in coordination, memory strengthening and helps in calming the mind. Along with all of these benefits, it is also a great skill to possess.

Art and Craft: This helps in numerous ways, all at once! It improves a child’s imagination and creative skills. It also develops a sense of patience and gives children the power to express their thoughts more creatively. 

Speech and Drama: Speech and Drama help children in improving communication skills, acting skills along with the presentation skills and can work noticeable changes in the personality of a child.

Dance: The very popular physical activity nourishes the child with various benefits like flexibility, strength, imagination and self-expression.

Performing Arts as such, if introduced into the education curriculum can prove to bring the ideal balance a child should stem with. Children, by means of these subjects, are bound to get a good exposure, explore their talented side and get rewarded with performance opportunities that will nurture them to be better individuals in the later stage of life. This could be a strong contributing factor from a career point of view too as their enhanced talent and passion lead them to the desired goal. 

The New Education Policy definitely does look like a ray of change that will ignite a lot of mental, physical and emotional positivity and growth amongst the budding generation. To conclude, it would be appropriate to say that it’s time Education does not concentrate only on ideal teaching, but now moves towards holistic learning.

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