Notebook Announces IGNITE: International Interschool Challenge

IGNITE is an international inter-school online innovation and entrepreneurship challenge

As the COVID-19 restrictions continue, students are still attending online classes resulting in limited engagement between educational institutions and students which has inspired Notebook, India’s first after-school learning app to launch Notebook Ignite, An international inter-school online innovation and entrepreneurship challenge. 

In efforts to serve the education community, Notebook conducts annual events with schools and students. After the grand success of last year’s Zero Hour, an Online Inter-School Debate that saw 64 schools from 7 countries engaging in some inspired discourses, this year Notebook has partnered with the Indian Institute of Management (IIM) Calcutta Innovation Park to conduct the sequel called Ignite – an Online Inter-School Innovation Challenge. Ignite is designed to let school students discover the joy of creativity and problem-solving.

Notebook believes that Innovation and Creativity are not functions of affluence or social standing, and have left no stone unturned in this effort to identify the change agents amongst our young learners. The event is completely free of charge for schools and students. The event will see 64 schools across the country and from abroad like Singapore, Dubai etc shortlisted for the preliminary round, of which 24 schools will proceed to the Semi-Finals. 6 Winners from each of the 2 semi-finals will face off in the Final

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