Our Goal Is To Become A Top Choice In Hospitality Management For Indian Students: Scott Dahl

The hospitality industry is undergoing a digital transformation. Scott Dahl, Masters Program Director of Les Roches, talks to BW on the new disruptions taking place in the hospitality industry. He also shares information about the new courses available at Les Roches Global Hospitality and the future of Les Roches in India. Excerpts:

How do you differentiate Les Roches from other Hospitality Management institutes?

Compared to other institutions, Les Roches is based on the Swiss model of experiential learning which focuses on “learning by doing”. The institution focuses on entrepreneurship and innovation across all its programs on all its campuses in Switzerland, Spain, and China, making sure the next generation of leaders have the right tools to face the digital transformation in the industry. Les Roches believes that passion and personalization are critical to create the best learning environment.

What kind of change do you see in the global hotel management education scenario? And how is it impacting the employment market?

Digitalization is changing the hospitality industry at a high speed. With technologies like artificial intelligence, blockchain, food technology and facial recognition disrupting the industry, hotel companies are looking for more specialization from graduates. These changes required hospitality management schools to review their programs for the new generation to develop new critical skills and digital knowledge which will allow them to face the new challenges of today’s digitally connected world.

Where does India currently stand for Les Roches as a market? What are you exploring with India during this visit?

With the growth and skills gap in the Indian hospitality industry, the objective of my visit is to promote the advantages of studying hospitality management and particularly, our new Master in Hospitality Strategy and Digital Transformation. Indeed, acquiring the skills and knowledge to face today’s digitally connected world is crucial for the future hospitality Indian leaders as India is the most digitally-advanced nation for digital tools being used in the travel and tourism industry.

How is the Indian Hospitality sector doing? How has been the growth in recent years and what could be the future of the students who are studying Hospitality courses?

The tourism and hospitality industry is one of the biggest industry in the services sector in India. According to the Indian Brand Equity Foundation (IBFM), the number of jobs in the industry is expected to increase from 41.6 million to 52.5 million by 2028 due to the growth in India’s middle class and the rise in international hotel chains.

One of the primary reasons this industry is so popular is the wide range of career opportunities it offers across so many different types of businesses and organizations all around the world. With its size, strong track record of growth and abundant employment possibilities, the hospitality industry continues to be an attractive choice for professionals. With 200 companies recruiting at Les Roches every year, the opportunities are incredible for Indian students for a long-term career within our industry.

How many Indian students have enrolled themselves in Les Roches in the past few years? Which are the top courses that were preferred by them?

Indian students are highly represented in our student body. Most students choose to follow the Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) in Global Hospitality Management with a specialization in Entrepreneurship but the Postgraduate Diploma in International Hospitality Management and the Master in Business Administration (MBA) in Global Hospitality Management are also among the most popular choices.

Do you offer any short-term courses or online courses to Indian students? What are the career opportunities that one can explore after studying these courses in India and abroad? 

We have short-term courses available such as the Intensive Hospitality and English Language Program (IHELP) for students to improve their English while participating in hospitality-related activities, in addition to summer programs available at all our three campuses in Switzerland, Spain, and China. The summer programs, which are a great opportunity for students to discover the hospitality industry, are one or two weeks length and they are separated for minors and those aged 18 and up.

Is there any exclusive scholarship that you offer to Indian students? If yes, what are they and how can students apply for it?  There has been a surge in the restaurant industry in India, what are the top three courses that a student can look for in order to start his / her own restaurant within the country?

Outside of the full scholarship for our MBA given this year through our TAJ campaign, we do not have exclusive scholarship for specific nationalities but we have a range of scholarships and financial support available on a case-by-case basis.

As Les Roches promotes entrepreneurship and innovation across its collection of programs on all its campuses, all the available programs will provide students with the leadership and entrepreneurial qualities necessary to start their own businesses. Nonetheless, we would suggest our Bachelor of Business Administration with a specialization in hospitality entrepreneurship or our MBA in Global Hospitality Management.

Any other detail about Les Roches or initiatives that the institute has taken to attract Indian students?

This year, in partnership with The Indian Hotels Company Limited (IHCL), Les Roches launched a campaign, The Next General Manager of India, to address the skills gap in Indian luxury hospitality and prepare the next generation of leaders to support the growth in the industry. The winner received a full scholarship to Les Roches’ MBA in Global Hospitality Management in Switzerland and a place on an IHCL fast-track development program. Additionally, we are supporting the World Travel Forum Lucerne (WTFL) in Bangalore, by providing prizes and participating directly in the event as a mentor and coach. With 200 companies recruiting at Les Roches every year, the opportunities are incredible for Indian students for a long-term career within our industry.

According to you, how does the future of Les Roches in India look like?

We plan to work closely with India by increasing our presence in the market through different opportunities such as market visits and guest lectures in top Indian universities. With various ongoing initiatives, our goal is to become a top choice in hospitality management for Indian students.

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