Pearson Launches Versant Automated Language Practice Tests

Designed to enhance spoken and written English language skills for the employability of students and young professionals.

Aligned with the company's vision to support personal development and career progression, Pearson, the world’s learning company has added Versant English Practice Tests for test-takers who aim to build confidence and want to familiarize themselves with the test format before taking the real exam. The Automated Practice Test aims to help in recruitment, training, and advancement in the English language spoken and written skills of students and young professionals. The formats in which Versant Practice Tests will be available includes, single skill speaking and writing tests, four skills corporate screening test, and four skills university placement test. 

Aimed to help students and young professionals gain confidence before sitting for their official exam, the Versant Practice test will provide learners with the first step to begin their English language mastering journey for a job interview, to get placed into a language program at university, to qualify for a promotion or to improve skills for their current job. 

Accustomed to the ongoing pandemic situation, the practice test will provide greater flexibility allowing the test-takers to take the test from anywhere they choose including their homes. Built on relevant learning outcomes, the Versant test is designed for both online and offline testing. In the beginning, Versant offers testing instructions and unique codes to the test taker. During the test, a variety of questions are asked which may measure the candidate’s speaking, listening, reading, or writing skills. An exceptional test available in both mobile App and web form, Versant provides random test forms to prevent cheating. 

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