Personalized And Individualized Teaching And Learning Will Be The Game Changer

Saiju Aravind , Founder, and CEO of EduBrisk Speak to BW Education , Excerpts from the interview are placed.

Saiju Aravind, Founder and CEO of Edubrisk

Q. What gaps in the school education system do you think EduBrisk seeks to address?

Our education system focuses on a lot of teaching of content to students. The outcome is that each student, according to his/ her capacity, assimilates this huge avalanche of contents. EduBrisk seeks to develop learning skills - that too, ‘self-learning’ skills, by means of which a student may ‘learn to learn’ these contents in a brain-friendly and enjoyable manner. EduBrisk’s epistemological and process-based approach equips students with ‘how to learn’, while they are learning ‘what to learn’. 

The world is going through a sea change and there is a growing need for Teachers who can put things in an integrated perspective. On the social front, we are waking up to the benefits of inclusive education. EduBrisk addresses this urgent need to empower teachers with inclusive and integrated teaching methodologies.

Another gap that many educational institutions are trying to address is to increase Parents participation in the education of children and in converting every home into a temple of learning, where there is a celebration of knowledge. EduBrisk’s Parent As Life Mentors (PALM) programme addresses this gap. 

In short, we provide education solutions to all the three prime stakeholders:   for children on ‘how to learn’, teachers on ‘how to teach inclusively’ and parents on ‘how to mentor effectively.’

Q. How is AI aided digital platforms going to change the education landscape in our country? 

Personalized and individualized teaching and learning will be the game changer, not only for our country but for the whole world, in the years to come. And for that, anyone who is in the position of teaching/ mentoring/ supporting the learner must have the learner’s profile to the extent of knowing the learner’s strong and weak areas, innate propensity to learn, predominantly by doing (Kinesthetic) or viewing (Visual) and more (individualization). AI will play a pre-eminent role in identifying not only the above but also in suggesting domains where the learner can excel in (personalization) and identify/ provide the set of skills required to pursue a successful career of choice in (object-oriented learning). Pre-teaching will be enabled by AI-based Flipped Classrooms where students have a good amount of knowledge before stepping into the class itself. The time is not too far when even a rockstar teacher will depend heavily on AI for delivering in the classroom in an inclusive manner and reaching out to each student in a manner that is best suited to the learner and in tune with their learning bias. Even the popular Bloom’s and Daggett’s Taxonomy will be augmented by AIML. 

Q. Tell us about how EduBrisk is unique as compared to its competitors? 

EduBrisk is essentially a personalized process-oriented platform that empowers students, teachers and parents to think differently, think independently and constantly self-evolve using brain-friendly methods of learning, teaching and mentoring. EduBrisk is dynamically improvising by providing integrated links, STEM/ STEAM elements and support where required. Another unique aspect of EduBrisk is that students can personalize their notes as opposed to blindly following search engine-based knowledge.

As I already mentioned in my answer to your first question, the key differentiator is that EduBrisk empowers children in self-learning through ‘learn to learn, teachers on ‘how to teach inclusively’ and parents on ‘how to mentor effectively.’

Q.  Why is ‘learn to learn’ so essential, as compared to traditional methods?

The world today is evolving in a way that you are challenged to learn every day. Science is being used even before it gets transformed into a technology. For instance, Genomics entered the business market even before it became a technology. Professor Michio Kaku’s prediction that the only thing that everyone can be certain about is uncertainty, going viral, means something. There will a growing demand to learn on the run, with the content going obsolete as soon.  All that will be useful is whether you learnt how to learn. And that alone would keep you in good stead. 

Q. What is the rationale behind EduBrisk introducing STEM through Robotics? 

Edubrisk seeks to constantly evolve in the field of education using state- of- art developments in neurosciences, pedagogy, technology and psychology. This is part of our mission statement. No education model is complete without having a real-life application to it. STEM is certainly going to be a core part of every student’s learning and Robotics is arguably the most interesting, fun-filled way of introducing STEM. Therefore, Robotics may be used to bring more and more people into STEM. Integrated learning forms the crux of what we do and STEM is certainly a great integrator.

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