Postponement Of CBSE 2021 Board Examinations

According to the recent announcement made by the Union Education Minister, Ramesh Pokhriyal, the CBSE board exams will not be held during January-February.

We’ve been dealing with the COVID-19 pandemic for close to a year now, but it isn’t showing any signs of going away anytime soon. Even though the best doctors, genetic engineers, and epidemiologists are working on finding a vaccine, we might still have to wait a while.

As things stand, the pandemic continues to disrupt our lives, and education is one sector that is getting affected the most. Students, parents, and teachers were waiting with bated breath for a while to find out if, how, and when the board examinations will be conducted.

According to the recent announcement made by the Union Education Minister, Ramesh Pokhriyal, the CBSE board exams will not be held during January-February. The decision was announced over a webinar and it was welcomed by educators all over the country. Pokhriyal agreed that the current situation isn’t conducive for conducting the examination. Therefore, postponing the examinations was the only sane route to take. He gave the assurance that the examinations will be conducted during March or the month after that. While the educators applauded the decision, they have cautioned the students against complacency. The extra time that they have been rewarded with must be put to good use.

Major decisions taken by the CBSE board

1. While the exact dates for the examinations have not been finalized yet, it has been made quite clear that they would be conducted soon and they would be conducted offline. Sayyam Bhardwaj, Controller of Examination of CBSE board, has announced this decision, stating that the online examinations cannot effectively assess the students at the school level.

2. It has also been announced that the students’ own schools will not be their examination centres. The board has also made it quite clear that the syllabus will not be reduced any further – which is a decision that is being welcomed by teachers all over the country. Not teaching students the right concepts at the right time means that we’re leaving them half-equipped for their journey to higher education.

Since the JEE and NEET examinations have been conducted without any complications, it stands to reason that we should be able to conduct the board examinations in the usual manner as well. Needless to say, we will need to implement strict social distancing protocols to ensure the safety of both the students and the staff.

It is good that we have attained some clarity on the subject of board exams; however, the actual dates of examinations have not yet been announced. As things stand, our biggest concern is complacency. With no schedule in hand, the students might fall into the trap of “there’s-still-time” and not pay enough attention to their studies – a decision that may come to haunt them later. The students should not lose their focus at such a crucial time and the parents and teachers should keep a strict watch over the students to make that doesn’t happen.

The students need to prepare themselves with the assumption that the examinations can be conducted at any time after February. The teachers should also advise the students to maintain their practical files as the board has hinted that the practicals will also be conducted in the offline format.

All things considered, it is a welcome decision as cancelling the exams altogether would have led to further confusion, and conducting them online would have led to poor assessment of students’ abilities. Now that we have this clarity, we can prepare accordingly and make sure that our students are ready for when exams do get conducted.

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Postponement CBSE 2021 Board Examinations

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