RDC, ICI To Organise National Cube Test Competition

The competition has cash prize of upto Rs 1 lakh for winning teams

RDC Concrete, the independent ready mixed concrete company in India is collaborating with Indian Concrete Institute (ICI) to organise the National Cube Test Competition. The competition will provide opportunities for students and young engineers to have hands-on experience to understand the nuances of mix design and production of concrete. It is a step in the direction of involvement of students and professionals of the civil engineering community to work in the construction field and experience the practical aspects of development of good quality concrete.

The competition is designed in a way that will create awareness and promote the understanding of materials, mix proportioning and right application of cement concrete mix to achieve the desired strength. The larger vision of the competition is to improve the quality of infrastructure in India by providing practical hands-on experience to the participants for a better understanding of characteristic behavior of different proportions of concrete. It will propagate the technique of creating concrete mix designs with adequate precision with locally available ingredients, after testing the ingredients.

People from Civil engineering background can enter the competition in three categories. The ‘Student’ category will feature civil engineering students from eminent colleges. ‘Professionals’ will include civil engineers practicing in the field of construction, contractors and consultants; while ready mix manufacturers and test labs of government or private institutes will constitute the ‘Expert' category.

The parameters for judgment of the best entries will take into account, the accuracy in achievement of target strength, uniformity of test results and variation among other things. The participants’ focus on visual observation of cubes with respect to shape, finishing, fracture after testing will be taken into account. Lastly, the economy of design and regional material cost values will also be considered by the jury consisting of members from RDC and ICI to select the winners of the competition. The winners will receive attractive cash prizes as well as trophies and certificates. The cash prize for the winning team in the student category will be Rs 1 lakh and Rs 50,000 for the professional and expert category. The finalist team in the student category will receive Rs 50,000 while the professional and expert category will receive Rs 25,000.

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