Redesigning Problem-solving With Design Thinking

Design Thinking is changing the course of problem-solving in development management, ISDM organised a dialogue where industry experts came together to discuss on various aspects of development management

Design Thinking has emerged as the need of the hour. It is a human-centred problem-solving method that is causing waves across industries and disciplines, inspiring a revolution in how challenges are addressed and solutions are developed. This method emphasises empathy, collaboration and iterative experimentation. It is transforming how corporations, educators and organisations handle complicated problems.

Indian School of Development Management (ISDM) organised ‘Dialogue on Development Management’ where experts from various industries came together to discuss on the topic. Bipasha Roy, Managing Director, Mobius Space Consulting, during her masterclass at the Dialogue, emphasised the importance of design thinking from consumers’ point of view. The interactive masterclass helped participants open their perspectives wider and better. Bipasha explained the five stages of design thinking – empathise, define, ideate, prototype and test, by using various practical examples to make audience understand better. 

Design thinking has been considered as an important skill for students by educational institutions. Next generation is being prepared for a fast-changing work environment by educating pupils to think critically, empathise with others and approach challenges imaginatively.

Government organisations are now recognising design thinking's ability to address difficult societal concerns. Design thinking is being used to build more efficient and citizen-centric solutions, from improving public transport systems to improving healthcare delivery.

In the corporate world, companies like Apple, IBM, and Airbnb have successfully implemented design thinking principles to drive innovation and customer-centric solutions. It has proven especially effective in designing user-friendly products and services that resonate with consumers.

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