SarkariPariksha Empowering The Unserved Population Of The Country

Every year, around 15 crore applicants prepare for the government competitive exams across the country. Out of these, the majority of applicants belong to the economically weaker section of the society.

With an objective to empower the unserved population of the country, SarkariPariksha is preparing the students for various competitive examinations and enabling the people of small towns by providing them with an opportunity to start their venture.

The 95 per cent population of the country comes from small villages who wish to secure their future by grabbing a government job. The web and mobile-enabled product providing platform is catering to this segment of the population to diversify education and employment.

The organisation provides tutorials, practice questions, subject mock tests with detailed analysis and feedback for over 60 Central and State level exams. The portal provides precise information about the eligibility of the posts, patterns of the exams and syllabus of the competitive exams.

Rajiv Malik, CEO of SarkariPariksha said, “Online model can never take the full load for education. Thus, we need to have a hybrid model. We want to be the assistant partners giving our technical support and content to offline coaching platforms with the flexibility to add their content as well”.

SarkariPariksha also offers exclusive deals for girl aspirants preparing for government examinations and for Jawahar Navodya Vidyalaya entrance examination.

The non-funded bootstrapped organisation is enabling the student at their doorstep to practice for competitive examinations in order to secure a job and is parallelly creating micro-entrepreneurs at the village level, so they don’t have to move to urban cities. The organisation gives franchise by providing the technology and content at the cost of 10 thousand rupees with an upfront profit of 60 per cent along with the services.

With 2500 franchise centers across the country, SarkariPariksha provides the desired name website, powered by the organisation, to the franchisee who then runs the online test preparation services at the same pricing as 

Malik informed, “It is very difficult for people sitting at the last mile in the village to start or create something on their own. We are reaching out to the last mile, where no one wants to go, and provide them with all the backend content, technology and upfront profit of 60 per cent with an initial investment of 10 thousand rupees for a year”.

“Earlier the person (franchisee) was facilitating students with computers but now they are also giving the technology to practice for exams but in their name. These centers act as facilitation center and are the face of faith in the villages”, he added.

The franchisee further has to pay thousand rupees from the next year as the maintenance fee to continue the benefits. SarkariPariksha, within 4 years, is digitally connected with 240 thousand gram-panchayats of the country. Malik said, “Our white label partners feel that they have a secure income and this is empowering them. Many of them have started branching out their centers also”.

With an initial investment of 3 crore rupees, the organisation is working on creating a social impact along with business and empowering the economically weaker section of the society. “The challenge is reaching out to them to explain the importance of this platform and how it can enable them to start changing. The network has been created but the major challenge has been adoption”, said Malik.

Talking about the future goals of the organisation, the CEO said, “We intend to add 50 state-level exams’ content, generate vernacular content, create offline content for seamless student experience and explore new markets. We also intend to expand the entire gamete of exams to university exams to cater to the urban-rural population”.

As of now, the test preparation modules are available in Hindi and English languages and work is on to extend it to eight regional languages – Gujarati, Marathi, Bangla, Tamil, Telugu, Kannada, Malayalam, and Punjabi. SarkariPariksha also rewards the candidates for passing the exam by refunding the paid amount of the purchased services.

With revenue of 3 crore rupees last year, the organisation aims to cover 25 per cent of the population who appear for the competitive examinations and ensure the pass percentage rises. “We are a consistent revenue profit-making organisation and maximum reach is more important to us. Our goal is to have 100 thousand franchise centers by 2023”, said Malik.

SarkariPariksha, a team of 28 empowered members, will also be coming up with an artificial intelligence based model to guide the students about their performance through mock tests.

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