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Madhu Chitkara, Pro-Chancellor, Chitkara University, describes how Chitkara University is for the people and is an ecosystem following the educational philosophy with ethical practice

While education is a global business now, Chitkara University offers a world of learning, nurturing students to be future-ready, adding an important social dimension in a constantly changing world and the job market. Chitkara University is a private university offering ‘P to P’ (primary to PhD) education, with outstanding teaching facilities and trained mentors. Today the university is a big name in the northern region of India with its flourishing institutes in Himachal Pradesh, Punjab, Chandigarh and Haryana.

The educational journey of Chitkara University, Punjab started way back in 2002 as Chitkara Institute of Engineering and Technology and today with almost 20,000 plus students, it excels in developing industry-ready minds in almost every sector, like culinary, business, arts, journalism, pharmacy, science, education, healthcare, etc. With such a plethora, the university looks forward to introducing the MBBS programme soon.

The university started with a vision to impart quality education to seekers in the region and envisions developing a global research hub on its campus in the coming 10 years.

With an aim to bring global education to the campus, Madhu Chitkara Pro-Chancellor of the university aims to develop an ecosystem that supports each other. Teachers support students, students support teachers and technology supports both. She believes this cycle will help to develop an altruistic approach among the learners and the mentors, thus benefiting the educational field.

The learning environment at Chitkara represents a unique blend of distinguished faculty and brilliant students with a proactive collaboration with the industry. The university and its stakeholders abide by a 12-point charter. A charter developed to Educate, Prepare, Enthuse, Empower, Inculcate, Foster, Instill, Stimulate and Ingrain the futuristic education path.

Twelve Point Charter

Educate: Educate students for a brighter future.

Prepare: Prepare industry-ready students.

Patriotism: Enthuse patriotism among learners.

Communication Skill: Empower students’ communication skills.

Team Spirit: Inculcate team spirit and camaraderie among students.

Civic Engagement: Foster civic engagement among young minds.

Core Values: Develop disciplined and honest, industry- representatives.

Energy: Develop scholarly energy and diligence among the youth.

Global Competition: Train each and every pass-out for the global competitiveness.

Out of Box thinking: Encourage innovative thinking.

Leadership: Stimulate the leadership quality among students.

Entrepreneurship: Ingrain entrepreneurial quality.

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