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Best Higher Education Brand For Innovation In Curriculum: Top Education Brands In India

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Established in 1989 with a total number of at least 4000 students and 6 different centers under its belt, Shobhit University under NICE Society Trust is an NAAC accredited research intensive university.

With an environment of high quality teaching and internationally competitive research, Shobhit University was awarded the ‘Best Higher Education Brand for Innovation in Curriculum’ award at the 2017 edition of ‘BW Top Education Brands in India’ conference and awards in New Delhi.

Committed to create the best learning atmosphere, Shobhit University provides the right equipment and facilities to help its students to achieve their potential during studies. “Our students learn in a variety of ways like the case studies, role-plays, and simulations, peer consultation etc.”

 The university has adopted a five point innovative teaching learning approach recently: expectation, advice, support, involvement, and learning.

Providing academic, social and personal support; involving students as valued members of the university and active and collaborative learning are just some of the factors that makes Shobhit University stand out from the other players in the market.

Careers Advisory Service of University Training & Placement Centre at the university aims to help students to develop their employability skills. Making the right career choice and achieving it is important for the faculty at Shobhit. UTPC aims to provide guidance and assistance to the students for getting suitable employment in the industry’s credible institutions of their choice. 84.5% eligible students were placed in the last year itself, according to statistics.

With a very strong research focus and industry aligned curriculum, Shobhit University organizes a number of national and international workshops, seminars and conferences for the students. Says a representative, “We believe that the essence of the University is to create, integrate and disseminate better understandings of the world around us through knowledge. We challenge the notion that knowledge is static and insular. Instead, we welcome and enable a diverse and dynamic learning community of scholars, teachers, and learners.”

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