Simplilearn Records 75% Increase In Learner Placement Rate After #Jobguarantee Campaign

The latest campaign, themed around cricket this IPL season, highlights that nothing in this world is guaranteed – except, of course, Simplilearn’s job guarantee programme

Simplilearn, the online boot camp for digital economy skills, raised the spirit of upskilling a notch with the launch of the latest phase of the #JobGuarantee brand campaign, promoting its unique job guarantee programs*. A witty campaign focused on cricket, launched during the 2022 IPL season, is an extension of the previous campaign which was an enormous success. The Jan’22 leg of the #JobGuarantee* campaign focused on ‘the Indian cultural norm of asking or giving a 'treat' when you acquire a new position or advancement of status.’ The latest part showcases ‘how nothing in this world is guaranteed except Simplilearn’s #JobGuarantee.’ The current campaigns are being activated with two engaging ad films focused on an ongoing cricket match, with each film taking place during team huddles– pre-match locker room and mid-match dugout talk, respectively. 

The premise of the latest campaign is that it is a common belief that nothing in this world is guaranteed; however, with Simplilearn, everyone knows a job is guaranteed*. The ad films are based on the same concept where the team captain tells his players that we cannot guarantee anything in life, let alone cricket. In one of the ads,a player responds by saying that the Job Guarantee programs* of Simplilearn ensure that a learner will land a job once he completes the Job Guarantee program with Simplilearn. In another, the team captain himself makes that observation.

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