Simpliv Learning Witnesses A 1000% Growth In Online Courses: Shahanshah Manzoor

Witnessing a 1000 per cent growth in online courses, Simpliv Learning has already turned the tables inits 1st quarter: Shahanshah Manzoor

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Shahanshah Manzoor

In a competitive world where many online learning platforms demand monthly subscriptions to provide education, Simpliv Learning is giving competition with its lifetime access to educational courses at reasonable prices. According to the company officials, Simpliv Learning has witnessed 1000 per cent growth and its revenue has doubled in the last 3 months. 

The portal dedicates 24/7 customer support for any help that its customers might require. Actively working to create an accessible and achievable standard for education, Simpliv Learning has stood the test of time and built a unique reputation for itself. More than being a middleman while connecting expert tutors to aspiring students, Simpliv Learning believes that students must get the best guidance when it comes to education. This, as its founder claims, will only benefit them in standing apart from the crowd in such competitive times. 

Open to all the company offers learning modules and training in all subjects. Be it science or business management, anyone and everyone can access the learning courses with great ease and according to their own comfort. With over 100+ professionals associated with this entity, Simpliv Learning is sure to become a successful enterprise with its unstoppable popularity and trusted work quality. Apart from video and audio tools, the platform also provides supplement resources for those who require external aid. Furthermore, the company promises a 100% refund, if it is unable to train an individual in its best capacity. This is one of the biggest factors that makes this company unique from others.

Speaking of the way ahead, the company believes in continuing with their tremendous efforts to make education accessible to all. The company is currently eyeing to become one of the top-most leaders in the E-learning industry by bringing into the foray many advanced technological tools. It also believes in developing its platform to be more customer-centric in times to come so that more and more people can surf through it. Creating an Education Forum for one and all, Simpliv Learning has miles to go.

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