Skills Gap Rapidly Widening: Report

Sixty-nine per cent of HR professionals surveyed say they are experiencing a skills gap at their company, creating staffing challenges and the need to reskill employees

The skills gap is rapidly spreading to more organisations, according to Wiley’s latest annual Closing the Skills Gap report.

Wiley’s research suggests companies are having an increasingly difficult time attracting and retaining workers who have the skills needed to fill their open jobs. Among 600 US human resources professionals surveyed by Wiley, 69 per cent said their organisation has a skills gap, up from 55 per cent in a similar survey in 2021.

The report suggests lingering effects of the Great Resignation may exacerbate the skills gap, as more than 40 per cent of respondents said it takes more time than before to find suitable job candidates. A nearly equal number said they must offer higher pay and additional benefits to attract and retain workers. And going forward, long-term retention is respondents’ top concern (named by 40 per cent) related to hiring new talent during the next three years.

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