State-of-the-art Facilities & International Collaborations Expand The Research Frontier At Woxsen

The concept of education and research for sustainable development is being widely explored by higher educational institutions.

At Woxsen University, major emphasis is laid upon knowledge creation and dissemination through quality research. Woxsen believes in providing sustainable solutions to society and contributes to responsible research.

The research is supported with in-house research funding, well-equipped labs with most modern facilities like Bloomberg terminals, GPU enabled AI stations, Robotics laboratory which can be accessed 24*7.

With 600+ citations, an H-Index of 9, 60+ articles and 3 patents, all within a span of 6 years, the University focuses on upgrading the existing infrastructure supporting the faculty and students, incorporating research-oriented assignments and project works, capstone projects, and most importantly, ethics in research and pedagogy. 

Researchers are focused on artificial intelligence, machine learning, data analytics, big data, energy economics, organizational psychology, financial economics, and marketing research. With an option of commercialization, University also has state-of-the-art fabrication facilities to convert their ideas into prototypes. Woxsen University also encourages its members to start their entity and extends the necessary facilities in their incubation centre 'Trade Tower'.

At present, Woxsen University has partnered with 50+ international universities and 10+ corporate industries with an objective to further the research, student and faculty exchange programs. A provision of faculty internship is also extended to the faculties for 2-3 months at core companies providing them with necessary exposure and upskilling to understand different approaches and bring that valuable experience into the classroom, while producing tangible research output in the form of case study, research paper, project, patent, among others preparing and skilling the students with the necessary industrial exposure.

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