Students Float Initiative To Boost Blood Donations

The vision is to mobilise 10,000 blood donors, help cancer patients with blood transfusion and financial aid

Four Grade 11 students of Canadian International School (CIS), Siddharth, Tanvi, Pranav and Ananya, have founded and launched a Red Wave Initiative to encourage voluntary blood donation and save lives. The project aims to support cancer patients by providing them with financial aid and the necessary blood for transfusion.

The lack of blood and its products remains a major healthcare issue in India. Responding to this, the CIS students work closely with Cytecare Cancer Hospitals to fulfil the collective aim of having a registry of 10,000 blood donors.

It all started when Cytecare Cancer Hospitals invited Siddharth, Tanvi, Pranav and Ananya to be a part of its Observership Programme, which gives young people an idea of how the hospital works and what challenges the healthcare sector faces. “We understood that cancer patients face numerous hardships and traumas on an everyday basis and that timely access to blood is vital for them. That is when we decided to make a change,” comments Pranav.

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