Summer Activities & Creative Ideas For Kids

Summer vacations provide an opportunity for children to catch up on schoolwork, explore, foster creative spark in them and spend time with family members; the most important thing is to enjoy and at the same time make the most of it

The school bell may stop ringing, but summer is a great time for all kinds of learning opportunities for kids. As summer rolls around the time, students are itching to be let out from their metaphorical cage to unleash and have a gala time. Learners can take up a lot of outdoor and indoor activities during summers to curb their boredom. No matter what student goals include, summers are the perfect opportunity for students to explore enriching activities that they don’t always have time to pursue during the school year. 

Summer learning activities have the potential to help children and youth improve their academic and other outcomes. Anyone confronting the tickling adventures in their childhood will never be surprised to hear about its profound benefits such as developing life skills, self-independence, social skills and a healthy attitude which will help them in personality development. 

Summer activities are a great initiative which should be taken up by learners to make optimum use of their holidays by learning. This way by trying various activities, young kids can explore their potential and passion for certain arts and simultaneously widen their horizons. 

There are a lot of fun engaging activities for students to enrich their skills and to keep them entertained during the summer time. 

DEAR Time – Drop Everything and Read 

Reading is one of the best summer time activities. Encourage children to literally drop whatever they are doing and start reading a book. Let them spend some time preferably an hour everyday reading interesting stories and novels that will improve their reading and writing skills, thinking skills that will help them to become knowledgeable and inquirers. So in every aspect, reading is beneficial for students as it enriches their fluency and communication skills.


Summers can be made interesting by accompanying kids on study tours and picnics outside to explore the world. Any trip is like a breath of fresh air for young wanderers. Such exciting thrills are synonymous with child growth. These trips with their friends and family can be made mesmerising for them. Explorations can bring fresh perspectives and ideas to extend their creativity. 

Foster Artistic Spirit

Learners can dive into drawing, painting, design and crafts. It improves their creative and innovative skills. Indulging students in these activities will help to enrich their hidden talents.

Reflection Journal 

Students can engage in writing a daily journal using fantastic reflection stems. (For instance, something I can do now that I couldn’t do before). Journaling involves writing about his/her experiences, feelings, thoughts, stress levels, etc. This is an effective way to increase writing skills and self-reflection. 

Movie Experiences 

Movies are great resource for students. They may also be fun to watch! Just like books, movies allow students insight into the lives of different characters, how their perspective differs and how they handle certain situations. Cinema is the audiovisual version of storytelling. For instance, they can watch historical, mythological and science fiction movies that can play a critical role to gain new knowledge.

Master a New Skill

Learning keeps the mind engaged and body active. It can help them to gain new experiences and ways to handle a wide range of challenges, as well as keep their neural pathways active.  Learners can learn a new language, practice an instrument or tending to an herb garden can give them energy, joy and a sense of purpose.

Play with Science 

There are many interesting activities that they can do to make their summer season an experimental one. For instance, mix baking soda and vinegar, compare rocks, etc. 

Social Activities 

Summer is the time to spend with friends and playing around. Let the students socialise and learn to play in groups in order to develop their social skills. While there are many games they can play outside, a few they can play inside too such as organise a treasure hunt, room cleaning race to enhance their organisation skills. 

In a nutshell, every student looks forward to the summer holidays as a time to unwind. Summer vacations provide an opportunity for children to catch up on schoolwork, explore, foster creative spark in them and spend time with family members. The most important thing is to enjoy and at the same time make the most of it.

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