Teaching Curriculum Needs Quick Revision: Secretary General, AIU

Pankaj Mittal urged Universities and Institutions to adopt the ABC - Academic Bank of Credits, a system for modern and flexible education

Pankaj Mittal, Secretary General, AIU at 6th BW Education Annual Higher Education Conference, Higher Education Conference 2023

“Everything is changing and so the teaching curriculum needs revision with change,” said Dr Pankaj Mittal, Secretary, General, Association of Indian University (AIU) at 6th BW Education Annual Higher Education Conference at Chennai on Wednesday.

Mittal said if we take the instance of Albert Einstein, he once gave his students the same question paper, which they solved in the previous examination a year before, when questioned about if it was a blunder, Einstein replied the question paper is the same but the expected answers are different this time.

This was because in the year 1904, when Einstein published his four papers, 'The Annals of Physics' the paradigm of physics changed completely and he wanted to check in the present year, 1905, how much the student understood the revised study, she added.  

Accordingly, today understanding National Assessment Policy for Basic Education (NAP), ChatGPT, Teaching Methods, Assessment and Evaluation before and after Covid is important as this process would be the same, but answers from students will be different, stressed Mittal.

She underlined today with the introduction of ChatGPT students can submit the assignment developed from this newly introduced AI chatbot, so the assignments should be framed in such a way that artificial intelligence fails to answer them.

Further, ChatGPT can even do coding, thus completely vanishing the coding job profile in near future. And according to Mittal, the need for a revised curriculum is of utmost importance, especially the tech education curriculum, which needs quick revisions with the changing technology.

She further highlighted the teaching method of India which includes the lecture method, a practice not best for future learning according to NAP and so there is a need to adopt AI-based higher education techniques, the AIU Secretary added.

In a nutshell, Mittal addressed advanced learning and teaching and urged the Universities and Institutions to adopt the ABC - Academic Bank of Credits, a system for modern and flexible education.

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