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EuroKids is one of the largest Pre-School chains in India, which has over 15 years of expertise in childhood education and practical application that enables them to create the most nurturing pre-school environment for a child.

EuroKids International, India’s NextGen Pre-schools, is synonymous with quality early child education in India. A Pre-School is the child’s first experience away from the parents and it’s a huge leap for both the parents as well as for the child. As the child takes the first step into a new world, EuroKids makes a child feel comfortable and offers a warm nurturing learning environment.

EuroKids is one of the largest Pre-School chains in India, which has over 15 years of expertise in childhood education and practical application that enables them to create the most nurturing pre-school environment for a child.

EuroKids is all about bringing together the perfect pre-school experience for any child by providing emphasis on the child’s security, focusing on high levels of cleanliness and hygiene, providing a structured curriculum and ensuring the child’s well-being & development in close coordination with parents.

Learning at EuroKids happens through exploration and discovery. The learning process for a child is made fun and experiential by way of story-telling, puppet-play, games, and with innovative toys to develop key skills in children. Additionally, EuroKids also provides supervised technology-enabled learnings which gives the child an engaged and fun learning experience.

EuroKids International Co-founder and CEO Prajodh Rajan said, “At EuroKids, we keep the ‘Child First’ ideology at the core of our pedagogy. Our focus always remains towards understanding the needs of the child in the pre-school and directing initiatives that are solely child-centric. Our curriculum is designed to offer complete development to the child during the early years. It is powered by research findings from the Centre on The Developing Child at Harvard University that aims to develop ‘Executive Function Skills’ (EFS), that are crucial for building positive behavior in children from an early age. It integrates multiple representation, expression and engagement to focus on developing Executive Function skills vital for Next Gen learners.”

Great care is taken to create a secure learning environment for the child with high importance given to child safety. EuroKids pre-schools are equipped with CCTV cameras and with customized child-friendly furniture with rounded edges to avoid injuries at pre-school. Toys are 100% non-toxic and are cleansed and disinfected at regular intervals to counter hygiene related issues.

All the teachers, staff and support staff go through a rigorous check on police verification, background check and previous employer check prior to employment. The teachers are trained to impart early child care education and address the special needs of children in this age group. They are also trained on emergency preparedness at school and regular evacuation drills are conducted in event of an emergency.

A typical day at the pre-School includes singing, dancing and exploring play activities. These fun based activities ensure a child's unearthed creativity, helps them to discover, explore and learn new things each day. From child friendly furniture to playful exciting ambience and facilities, the pre- school offers children a great environment to help them discover a new world every day. Infrastructure facilities are built as per international standards & the set guidelines ensure children gets the new-age learning experience in the safest and most stimulating Pre-School environment.

EuroKids innovations include specially crafted initiatives and programs for the children:

MyBuddy Smart Locator

The MyBuddy smart locator is a child’s safety buddy that helps a parent to track their child’s location when they’re out of home. It also gives child the power to reach out whenever in need so that one can be at peace about their safety.

EuroKids Buddy App

The EuroKids Buddy App for parents provides real-time updates about a child’s day at the pre-school. It enables one to receive important notifications & updates, monitor observations and exchange messages with EuroKids and vice-versa.


Learn2Play toy library gives a child access to learning based toys that are aimed at developing 13 skills like logical reasoning, abstract thinking, aesthetics, visual perception, analytical reasoning and critical thinking in the child.


Wellness initiative caters to the healthy well-being of children through health check-ups that are done by pediatric experts and one-on-one consultations for 4 parameters, paediatric, ENT, Dental & Eyesight. Parents are given Report Cards with comments & feedback that helps to access health of the child.


Speech, Pronunciation, Expression, Application and Knowledge is a phonic based language program which helps children learn language with emphasis on pronunciation, diction and proficiency.


EuroGym is India’s first specialized children’s gym that provides quality fitness training to children. It includes a healthy dose of running, jumping and movement to keep a child active.


The EuroMusic curriculum aims to provide age-appropriate musical experiences that helps a child discover and develop an ear for music.

EuroKids has a presence of more than 900 Pre-Schools across 3 countries and 350 cities, having nurtured over 300,000 children. With over 17 awards in the education segment including: Early Child Playschool Chain 2017, Asia’s Most Trusted Pre-School Brand 2016, Innovation in Early Learning 2016 and Indian Power Brand 2016, the pre-school chain is setting new benchmarks by reinventing education in the country.

The team at EuroKids constantly ensure that the ‘Child First’ ideology is at the core of all their initiatives and the same reflects in every aspect of their efforts towards ‘Making Learning Fun’ for every child at EuroKids.

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