Tips And Tricks To Clear NEET 2020

Here is a slew of time-honoured guidelines that can help students clear the seemingly arduous test.

The national eligibility cum entrance test, previously known as the All India pre-medical test is an entrance examination for candidates who aspire to commence undergraduate-level medical and dental courses in either government or private institutions in the country. Conducted by the NTA, it determines a candidate’s worthiness for the right of entry into MBBS courses for both government as well as private colleges.  

With an enormous syllabus and aggressive competition at hand, acing the NEET exam is becoming a tough nut to crack with every passing year. Cracking the test requires a meticulous preparing scheme with an optimum approach, coupled with equal amounts of hard work and perseverance. Here is a slew of time-honoured guidelines that can help students clear the seemingly arduous test. 

  • First thing first, get closely acquainted with the exam syllabus as it will provide you with an insight into the question paper and the approach to tackling it. This will allow you to skim through the dispensable portions of the syllabi as a major portion of it is recycled straight from the NCERT curriculum. This will allow students greater time resource for skipping directly to the important parts and steering clear of the redundant fragments.   

  • For most students, the coveted NEET exam is a turning point event in their lives that holds the key to realizing their dreams and ambitions. In such a case, it would be a great shame if a student suffers in the NEET test simply because of shoddy and unreliable study material. Ensure that you select only authentic and dependable study material from the vast amount of dubious manuscripts that frequent the market.  

  • Also, ensure that the subscribed study material covers the prescribed syllabus to the fullest degree and features sufficient practice test papers. Seeking the help of teachers and professionals who have previously aced the test also provides an intrinsic glimpse into the art of NEET exam preparation.  

  • Create a diligent, practical and well-thought-out time-table for the entire length of your exam-preparation period. this will require meticulous planning and realistic approachability that can comfortably span a 2-year syllabus course at your own comfortable terms. This will permit you to study and prepare in a calm and tranquil manner without resorting to the final hour cramming exertions that are both unhealthy and undesirable.   

  • This calls for an efficient time distribution and planner that comprises of sufficiently long study hours, sprinkled with short essential breaks. it also vital to warrant that you get enough sleep between the study cycles as it facilitates both learning quality and concentration. prudence dictates that one should allot more time for harder test subjects after identifying one’s strong points and weak zones. 

  • Create your own notes on a daily basis to alleviate the understanding of all that you have studied and read. Note-making helps in understanding and retaining the essential points far better than simply reading the contents; it not only enhances your memory but also comes handy for future revisions before the actual exam. 

  • Constant and unhampered revision is essential to crack a monumentally challenging test like the NEET. It helps you efficiently recall the topics that you have earlier studied and helps the topics reside in your memory with their freshness intact. While revising, spend more time on areas that are bothersome to accelerate one’s understanding and grasp. Distribute equal durations to be scrupulous in all the complex reactions, formulae, mechanisms and derivations. 

  • No matter how frantic the exam preparations become, do not forfeit your health as it is simply not worth it. It is suggested that you take sufficient amounts of sleep followed by a healthy diet rich in iron and Vitamin B to bolster brain-power and memory.  

  • Do not saturate your brain with excessive studying as human focus too, has its breaking point. It is advisable to take short breaks recurrently to soothe and rejuvenate your mental juices and brainpower. Listening to music, taking serene walks, playing a musical instrument, painting etc all help to soothe the mind by putting it at ease and helping you relax. 

  • You are not a machine that is programmed to study without a pause or rest. Ensure that you get optimally sufficient amounts of physical exercise and workout as it makes you more productive and focused. Yoga, meditation, walks, playing sports etc helps you to unwind your mind and re-energize your body. 

  • As the NEET question paper necessitates that you resolve 180 questions in as many minutes, the strenuously formidable task cannot be achieved unless one puts in proper practice, beforehand. It needs expert time management skills that can only be obtained if the candidate has adequately practiced with the comprehensive mock-tests and model test papers before taking the final test itself.  

Cracking the NEET exam is no mere walk in the park and is something that requires copious amounts of integrity and dedication. The ostensibly gruelling feat can still be accomplished if you strive wholeheartedly towards your target while devoutly observing the aforementioned tips and hacks. After all, for the climber who is sincere at heart, there ain’t no mountain high enough!          

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