Traditional Vs New Age Management Programmes

Following the Coronavirus outbreak, demand for nearly all jobs declined, but the demand for positions requiring a management degree was even more hard-hit

In the post-Covid world, the outlook towards getting a management program has changed completely. Generally, a traditional management degree guaranteed career growth vis-à-vis a significant return on investment before the Covid era. However, the scenario has gone through a major metamorphosis. Following the coronavirus outbreak, demand for nearly all jobs declined, but the demand for positions requiring a management degree was even more hard-hit. A recent study indicates a 34 per cent decline in job postings requesting a management program from May 2019 to May 2020. 

Similar graduate business offerings, decreasing employer demand for management programs and evolving student demands are some of the forces behind the decline of the management programs market. Various studies have concluded that fresh recruits are unable to meet their managers’ expectations. This is where the need for new-age Management Programs has become dominant. These programs are conceptualised in such a way that they provide the student with a competitive advantage with application-oriented knowledge of management tools, insights, best practices, leadership skills, and diverse perspectives that build the confidence needed to succeed in a dynamic market. Such programs like the Accelerated Management Program by the Harappa School of Leadership, Yale School of Management, IIM Accelerated Business Management and Stanford LEAD combine the rigour and pedigree of the best global management programs with close individual attention and unparalleled outcomes.

Integrated Curriculum is the key

The Accelerated Management Program’s curriculum is a workplace-ready curriculum designed by industry professionals and academics in such a way that students can quickly grasp the emerging growth opportunities in the world of business. It explores various business perspectives and essential trends in emerging technologies and comprehends the new dimensions of leadership in the digital age. 

The accelerated learning journey transforms students into high-performing leaders. An interactive and experiential curriculum enables the students to build a foundation in Strategy, Finance, and Leadership. It also provides exposure to emerging technologies, transformational practices, business models, cross-functional topical expertise, and relevant global trends and opportunities. The course modules are delivered through a series of engaging live interactions and deep practice formats to ensure that the student becomes industry-ready. 

Benefits of New Age Management Programs 

The Accelerated Management Program delivers strong learning outcomes and deep proficiency, in Business, Leadership, Data, Product and Marketing. It brings together a rich range of formats to create a memorable journey that guarantees strong and tangible learning outcomes.

Unlike conventional online or offline business and management programs, the program ensures it goes beyond functional skills – or the next job – to truly position learners for career success with an intense, unmatched focus on communication, leadership and life skills, setting benchmark professionals apart.

It inculcates the fundamental skills: Strategy, finance, and leadership are considered essential for a management student. Studying the new age management programs allows a student to come out of their comfort zone to explore the latest business trends and management tools and techniques to improve a business. The new age curriculum develops a keen sense of what the future looks like and how emerging technologies will shape and impact the market, industry and organisation.

It focuses on the usage of tools, frameworks, and techniques: When a student has in-depth knowledge about emerging tools and frameworks, the student will automatically drive a change by leveraging those digital technologies to transform an organisation. It further expands the leadership skills of the team. 

It employs a strategic growth mindset: Through the program, students get deeper perspectives into emerging business models. The new age management programs enable the students to leverage those emerging business models, tools and skills for a competitive advantage in an evolving business landscape.

Enables students to Identify new opportunities: The curriculum of new-age management programs is such that it emphasises the need to constantly innovate. The experiential-based learning enables students to use their new knowledge, concepts, and frameworks into practice much before they join the workforce. It also develops meaningful connections with leaders of the same calibre from varied backgrounds, industries and countries. The program builds the confidence to step into and succeed in senior leadership roles in the organisation and industry.

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