Tripclap, IIM Lucknow Analyse Challenges In India Post-Covid

New research reveals the impact of Covid-19 on the small hotel business industry, challenges faced and risk management techniques

Tripclap in collaboration with IIM Lucknow, today revealed its latest findings on the challenges faced by small hotel businesses in the aftermath of Covid-19 pandemic. In its new research report, the company also analyses the Management Research Problems (MRP): the activities of small hotels in terms of their business operations, aspirations, market needs, while also presenting the major challenges encountered by these businesses and recommendations that can be used for effective management.

To have a deeper insight into small hotels’ activities in terms of their business operation, Gaurav Gupta from Tripclap under the supervision of Prof Satya Bhushan Dash, IIM Lucknow performed qualitative and quantitative studies, wherein sample sizes from hotels of almost all parts of India were taken (including Hill Stations, Metros and Non-Metros).

The study highlights that hotels in hilly areas devote majority time in branding rather than hiring skilled staff. At the same time, hotels in Metro devote average time in doing digital marketing for generating bookings. However, more than 80 per cent hoteliers from non-metro are saying there is no change in their activities post covid 19. Hotel branding includes identity creation like logo, taglines etc; positioning; pricing; promotion in different travel events like SATTE, OTM etc; building B2B networks in order to ensure future sustainability and business. Although digital marketing brings more direct sales for a hotel, owners focus more on branding of hotels by participating in different events and sponsorships. Securing future revenues and long term growth is more important than the short term gains for the hotels in metro areas. Though the world has changed a lot, hoteliers are still performing the same activities for managing their property.

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