True School Of Music Partners With Vijaybhoomi University To Launch Professional Music Degrees

The admissions are open in November, the courses on campus will commence in April 2021.

The True School of Music, helmed by Musician/Producer Ashutosh Phatak and Entrepreneur/ Sound Engineer Nitin Chandy, has partnered with Vijaybhoomi University to launch an on-campus music degree programme.  

While admissions open in November, the courses on campus will commence in April 2021. Students may opt for 36 months degrees programmes in music production, performance, sound engineering or Hindustani playback. Accommodation facilities are available and students may choose to stay on or around the campus (recommended) or even in Navi Mumbai which is 1.5 hours away from the school. The wifi enabled campus comprises a performance arts wing that has studios, dance rooms and auditoriums. It also has an outdoor amphitheatre along with a computer lab, library and a cloud-based data centre. 

The True School of Music is India’s first and foremost music training and educational institution. Vijaybhoomi University, based in Karjat (MMR) is India's first liberal university, which offers relevant and quality education and engages in detailed research in engineering, business, law, science, and liberal arts. Together, they will be committed to nurturing holistic, socially responsible, highly skilled and employable professionals who make a positive difference in the world.  

“The True School of Music has evolved, updated and upgraded. We’re proud to announce our partnership with Vijaybhoomi University in Karjat, MMR. This partnership adds a completely new holistic dimension to our already amazing programme. Students will now have an opportunity to enhance their learning by possibly incorporating subjects from 5 additional schools along with their music education. I also love that we now will have full-fledged sporting facilities from swimming to football to squash right on campus. This decision is a result of our commitment to offer our students the best and safest holistic educational environment possible, considering the on-going pandemic and the high safety standards that we’d like to adhere to for all our students, from all over the country as well as internationally. The icing on the cake is that with our new partnership with Vijaybhoomi University, our students will have the option to convert their professional courses into degree programmes.” Ashutosh Phatak, Co-Founder, The True School of Music.

“Musical Intelligence is one of the 8 intelligences identified by the famous Prof Howard Gardener. Vijaybhoomi University is leveraging this research by Prof Gardener to enable students attain self-discovery. We were scouting for a partner who could introduce Music as a formal degree programme in the University’s portfolio. The True School of Music has been developing courses and pedagogies for imparting professional qualifications which are recognised by some of the leading Universities in the world. The success of their alumni is testimony of their excellence. Vijaybhoomi University being India’s first liberal professional University is extremely happy and hopeful to set up the “True School of Music” on its campus with state of the art facilities to provide formal degree qualifications in Music. The courses offered by True School of Music will also be available to students pursuing other professional streams adding a broader perspective and bringing the joy back into learning.” Sanjay Padode, Chairman, Vijaybhoomi University. 

“True School of Music at Vijaybhoomi University, is a pioneering step towards liberating our young generation allowing them to pursue their passion within the framework of a formal university system. I am glad to see two forward-thinking institutions joining hands based on the common belief that education is about ‘enablement’ and a process of ‘discovery’. This will benefit not only those who want to pursue a career in music but those in other professional disciplines like Business, Design, Law and Data Sciences to explore their hidden talent, to be a performer and most importantly, through music connect with their inner self and divinity, at a place which resides in the lap of mother nature”. Atish Chattopadhyay - Vice-Chancellor. 

“This is definitely a momentous event not only for True School and Vijaybhoomi, it also signals a shift in the education industry which Is now being led by a progressive New Education Policy which opens a new way of learning to young learners. True School  is excited to partner with a university who is so aligned to our vision and we are excited yet again, to be ahead of the change.” Nitin Chandy, Co-Founder, the True School of Music.

The Vijaybhoomi University is easily accessible from, both, Mumbai and Pune and lays great emphasis on sports and complete personality development. Students may opt for dual degree programmes such as law and business or engineering and music. This cross-pollination of degrees encourages flexibility, free-thinking and skill development. Recreational facilities on campus include squash courts, a fully equipped gymnasium, running tracks, a semi Olympic size swimming pool and plenty of great hiking spots in the vicinity. Surrounded 270 degrees by misty hills, the views from and on campus, are a treat to the senses. The campus will also have shared accommodation for students and housing for teachers and staff. 

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