Uncertainties Over The Conduct Of NEET PG 2021 Creating Chaos

The growing uncertainties over the conduct of NEET PG 2021 are starting confusion and chaos among doctors

The conduct of the examination INI CET conducted by AIIMS (AIIMS) has been scheduled for 16th June 2021.  This announcement has led to confusion and chaos among doctors.  Earlier, the exam was scheduled to be held on 8th May but was postponed due to rising cases of Covid in the country.  But now that the new date has been announced, it does not seem appropriate at all.  INI CET candidates are now more worried and confused.  Because some doctors are serving in Covid wards as Covid-warriors and front-line workers. This is a difficult time for the candidates as it is an obstacle for them to take the exam during the pandemic without prior notice.

Gaurav Tyagi, Founder of Career Expert, said,” I was quite surprised by this decision myself. When NEET PG 2021 has been postponed till August and MBBS students are on Covid duty, how will they be able to take the AIIMS exams in the meantime? This is a decision that has put candidates in a tough situation. However, candidates should not be disturbed because they have to give exams. Hence, they should stay focused and concentrated. I wish them all the best. "

 When the Prime Minister's Office had decided to postpone the NEET PG 2021 for at least four months, the students and people associated with these exams were speculating that the entrance examination of AIIMS would also be conducted around this place. Students have also expressed displeasure over this decision.

 In the notice issued by the Prime Minister's Office, it was said that the medical students who have completed 100 days of Covid duty will be given priority in the upcoming regular government recruitment programmes.  Medical interns will be deployed in COVID management duties under the supervision of their faculty, while final year MBBS students can be used for teleconsultation and monitoring of mild COVID cases under the supervision of senior faculty. After this, students were serving in the Covid wards serving the Covid patients. And now as AIIMS is suddenly going to take its entrance exam in this way.  This is not a fair decision for the students.  They will also not get the full opportunity to prepare.

 After this decision, Neet PG's exam is not clear that when it will be conducted. Confusion has arisen among the students and they are in dilemma about the conduction of exam. However, the date of holding of NEET PG 2021 has not been announced yet. No confirmation has yet been made by the National Board of Examinations as to how long the examination may be held. 

The students only know that the exam has been postponed till 31st August 2021.  They say that continuous delay is having a negative impact on their future plans. Many students are also coming under the grip of mental stress and anxiety.  The examination which used to be held in the month of April will now be held even after four months or not, nothing can be said.

 Amidst all these situations, the decision to conduct the AIIMS entrance examination has put the students in a crisis. The students are worried about how to make their preparations in the midst of the covid duty, which is a very natural question.

 Students have to take special care of their state of mind.  At such a time, students should study in a concentrated manner while keeping the mind calm. Apart from this, they can work on the subjects in which they find themselves weak.  My only advice to students is that our Prime Minister has also said, 'Turn disaster into an opportunity.'  Students can use this difficult time to prepare themselves better.  Whether it is for INI CET or NEET PG 2021.

 NEET is considered one of the toughest entrance examinations all over the country and why not, it is a national level examination.  Millions of students participate in it. Last year also there was a continuous delay in the conduct of examinations due to coronavirus infection.  Due to which the students were already worried and anxious. Now as the exam is postponed students are now anxious about the dates. 

 If students want, they can also take medical counselling.  Medical counselling for NEET (NEET)-UG and NEET (NEET)-PG is provided by many professional counsellors. Medical counselling is the method by which students are exposed to every aspect of all the specialities of the medical field so that they can make their final decision more intelligently and productively.  Many times, it happens that even after getting good marks in the entrance examination, the student is not able to get admission to a good college.  Students need a person who can guide them properly or give them good counselling.

 This will remove the confusion and doubts among the students. They will be able to think about their future with a more open mind and take the most appropriate decision in their interest.

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