Universal Business School Mumbai Launches Happy Campus Project

“Sharp decision making has a lot to do with your happiness. This, in turn, is ensured by good health, inspired living and good sleep. We would like our students to know this from an early age," - Tarun Anand, Chairman, Universal Business School.

Recognising the importance of balance and contentment in their students, Universal Business School Mumbai launches its own 'Happy Campus Project'. The projects aim to create a healthy and positive learning environment that removes barriers to learning, builds student drive and also contributes to their holistic development.

The objectives of the  Universal Business School Happy Campus Project are:

  1. To reduce factors that can be common barriers to student learning. 
  2. To create a happier environment on campus that drives the overall growth of students.
  3. To promote holistic development in line with the UBS Vision of ‘transforming lives’.
  4. To improve students’ overall experience by maximising factors that ensure engagement.

The Happy Campus Project workshops and sessions comprise the following:

  • ‘Let’s Talk Mental Health’ is an awareness workshop that is a part of the student onboarding program.
  • Planned Counselling Sessions – Every new student goes through one session with the Campus Counsellor which will be an informal interaction with a view to understanding the student and how he/she functions.
  • Voluntary Wellbeing Counselling Sessions – These are self-initiated sessions, scheduled for students who intend to seek therapy or do self-work.

There is a lot of impetus on the ‘Student Community Engagement’ itself, via:

  • Group student wellness coaching
  • Students support groups / group therapy sessions
  • Events to promote student community-building (bonfire, open mics etc.)
  • Weekly physical health challenges
  • Group walks & treks on campus
  • Self-Evaluation wellbeing survey on CollPoll (campus technology)
  • Weekly student wellbeing newsletter
  • Life skills & holistic development classes on relevant & topical subjects 

The campus will also have its own ‘Happy Campus Project Room’, where students can take a Happiness Break & spend time with themselves doing the following activities in silence:

  • Colour mandala sheets
  • Journal their thoughts
  • Listen to music
  • Read 
  • Do puzzles etc.

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